/ MCO

And amending the terms and conditions to close those loopholes as they’re found would have been fine by me. Going after people and taking back rewards earned based on violations of the terms as initially set out would have been fine by me. Retroactively going after people after changing the terms, and based on said new terms is not, simply on the principle that very rarely are retroactive changes to T&Cs accepted when it comes to banking or financial products. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a violation of regulations in some of the countries they operate in.

Certainly it’s caused issues here in the States with some banks, where they didn’t state in their T&Cs that credit card purchases of crypto would be treated as a cash advance, not a purchase. They could change their terms after the fact to make it so going forward, but people who were charged cash advance fees and interest before the change brought legal action, and had their fees waived.

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