Cruelty Free Products

YES! I’m going to be on be lookout for these soon. My only experience with these so far was a Lush conditioner bar (not good), but I am so ready to get on the solid bar bandwagon.

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Nip + Fab is a really good affordable one and their products are usually sold in TK Maxx for really cheap (£2.99 for moisturiser, £7-8 for masks, serum boost etc). Also love certain products by The Ordinary and The Body Shop. Lush masks are hit and miss for me but I like how they’re passionate about causes. First aid beauty, Glossier, Dermalogica, and Ole Henriksen are good too but definitely pricier. I’ve found a £75 retail set of Ole Henriksen skincare for £22 in TK Maxx, so I’d recommend just going in with a list of cruelty free brands and picking things off shelves.

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I’ve never heard of a shampoo bar before :flushed: :flushed: :flushed: but after reading about them i really want to try one now!

If it’s packaging free you’re after then try their naked shower gels. :grinning:

When it comes to beauty products I also look at whether it uses palm oil. There are so many other ways to substitute it that there’s no need to support destroying of orangutan’s habitat.

Body Shop - isn’t it still in the grey area when it comes to cruelty-free products? Of course they have been sold to Natura but I remember reading they aim to be truly cruelty-free by 2020

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I did see Bulldog but wasn’t sure if it was any good and no one I asked seems to have used it either.

Compare to a lot of other cruelty free brands it does seem reasonably priced so I may give them a whirl :clap:t2:


I’m looking into selling cruelty free products either online or retail. The new thing is Korean skincare. South Korea stopped animal testing this year & dnt sell any products in China.

Lots of the products are vegan friendly , produced mostly in E.U / U.K.

If anyone is interested please let me know :hugs:

Oh some cosmetics are gender neutral.

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New to here but wondering if anyone buys cruelty free beauty products?

Hey Mich, I’ve moved your post here as others have shared their advice in this topic & it helps keep all of the discussion in one place, I hope that’s alright!

I am trying my best to go cruelty free, there’s loads of choice out there but not enough if you ask me. I really think the government need to be stricter on what they allow to be sold, they have banned animal testing in the UK so I think it’s only logical that they ban products that have been tested on animals full stop.

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What’s the brand? Just making sure it’s not an MLM.

There’s a full list of K-beauty brands that are cruelty free here. The ones in bold test in China though, and that covers pretty much all the well-known/ cheaper/ more accessible brands eg Innisfree and Laniege.

Generally I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy korean brands within the UK because prices are so inflated. Tonymoly is a brand that you see in TK Maxx quite a bit and a hand cream that normally goes for about £6 is £15.90 there. If you do purchase, wait for sales and purchase from their global online stores. Resellers on eBay etc. often have well-made fakes or nearly expired goods. If it’s suspiciously cheap it is probably too good to be true

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Any brand sold in China is tested on animals as a legal status. But even they are now considering to banning the testing. Most beauty products sold on eBay or amazon are bought from Chinese distributors so not guaranteed cruelty free.

K beauty bought direct from Korea has to go through E.U & U.K testing to meet standards. The cosmetic compliance will give you K beauty of suppliers who have spent the thousands on this.

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It mixed brands that are ethical & not sold in China & never will. Urban Decay, revolution, e.l.f , Kat Von d, nyx , Technic, American beauty trying to get are Jeffrey Starr, jecca which is gender nutrueal also beauty bakerie.

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Is that the case? I’m sure I saw somewhere recently that testing is still a thing here. Or is there specific criteria as to what constitutes animal testing?

From what I understand testing on animals for cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning products etc is banned. They only animal testing that is allowed if for medical research.

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Ah I see, yes. That’s a blow - you had me thinking we’d gone the whole way. Thread for another day, perhaps…:smirk:

+1 for Bulldog

Testing on animals is bad. No reason to deny.

Industrial animal farming is even worse. These are no farms. I say, they are concentration camps for animals!

Time will come when we look back and say: What were we thinking??

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I’m vegan so completely get this but let’s watch out we don’t get people into a big debate!! :slight_smile:

Our day will come when people see we don’t need any animal products or testing :slight_smile:

Earthlings is the film to recommend everyone watches, good enough for belly then good enough for eyes and ears also.

Here’s a great recommendation for aftershaves and perfumes…

All cruelty free and they advise the most similar big brand each product Smells like…

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