Crowdfunding is open to new investors!

(Jonathon) #331






(Tommy Long) #335

Is that the case? I have an investor card in my wallet but it shows as normal in Google Pay. I just assumed there weren’t investor logos in Google Pay.


It’s accelerating!

(charles ragg) #337


(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #338

Tom in his office thinking about that yacht



How many!!!


What happened!? I blinked and it is almost over :rofl: Go Monzo go! :100:

(Tom) #341

We all know what he’s really after is a new beanbag


Does it store all the data? Be interesting to plot the rate per second over the investing window.


Think this is what it looked like @ 10 today



(Edward) #345

Blimey! With the slow takeup in the pre-sale segment I was expecting this to take quite a bit longer. At this rate the round will be finished in ~10 minutes (~1240).

(Daniel Sutton) #346

Interesting that people are able to post screenshots… the Monzo app on my OnePlus 6t prevents me from taking a screenshot.

Maybe an Apple ‘feature’ ?


I was going to wait, so glad I set the alarm on my phone, this is insane!!

(Fabian Whitaker) #348

Getting close now… Maybe a silly question but would monzo consider allowing investors to pay for their new cards? I’ve invested a decent amount and as much as I’d like a nice new card don’t want it eating into their bottom line!:rofl:


If you’ve got fingerprint lock enabled then you can allow screenshots in your settings :raised_hands:


99% :rocket::raised_hands:


Huh. Is that specific to only certain Android phones?

Edit: Oh I get it now. :laughing: