Crowdfunding is open to new investors!


No, last time I tried something similar it wanted me to take a selfie and hold the card on my forehead or something stupid.

(Jonathon) #292

So I’m confused why they are asking people to freeze first… I’ve waited with a fairly broken card to apply for a new one after the investment period and I didn’t freeze just requested a new one. Slightly sad if it’ll just be the same card I had now :frowning:

(Martin Jones) #293

I personally won’t be getting a new card, £2.50 per investor, plus the waste of plastic. I have 1 year on my current card, I’m sure I can wait till then for the word ‘investor’ to be put on it

(Michael) #294

To add the card to Apple Pay? Seriously? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Lewis King) #295

I think that’s just the easier way to explain how to do it. I’m sure our new cards will be Investor ones.

(Szymon) #296

Well, you can always print “Investor” sticker and put it on your card. :laughing:


Yes, in the end I requested a new card and it added it straight away with no selfie needed.

(Matt C) #298

I’ve just said the same thing elsewhere. So wasteful!


At this rate all the shares will be gone in an hour or so


Yeah I would guess by 2 at the latest

Though I imagine it will be closer to 1

(Jonathon) #301

I mean I get what you mean, but… just chill. If you don’t want to, then don’t.

(charles ragg) #302

everyone waiting for their lunch to buy will be on soon lol

(Tom Purcell) #303

I predict gone by 12:34.



(Natalia) #305

I think by 1pm :slight_smile:




Bet the Monzo office is very excited and are defintiely having a late lunch today

(Michael) #308

12:36 it’ll all be gone - seems to be ~4k/5 seconds atm

(Jonathon) #309

I’m gonna bet… 12:42pm.


The final stretch now!