Crowdfunding is open to new investors!


Oh yes that does sound likely!

As I know a couple that said they would in their lunch break

(Neil) #269

If you freeze your card and order a new one, can you unfreeze your card again? Or is it now locked out until the new one arrives?

(Tom Purcell) #270

I think it depends on whether you stated it was lost or just damaged.


I believe you can use it but it costs monzo 3.50 and uses unnecessary plastic

(Tom Purcell) #273

Don’t look at me, haven’t replaced my card.

(Neil) #274

Agree, I’m going to hold off. Just good to know.

(Jonathon) #275

Is it? I just clicked on Manage and requested a new card - no freezing?


Woah, less of the guilt tripping folks, having an investor card is a published perk and people should be able to make that choice.

(Sam H) #277

Never knew that screen was there - my mistake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But it’s also a perk with absolutely no value and a complete waste of the company’s money…

(Is Santa here yet?) #279

Which is the investors choice to make

For clarity I agree but it’s up to the individual


It’s rare I use my physical card, but I would like an updated Apple Pay one!


You obviously value different things - there is value in being able to show everyone you have invested in a bank you support.


You could just tell them…

(Lewis King) #284

I’m sure Monzo are fully aware of the costs involved with operating a bank, especially replacing cards. Do bare in mind that anyone can lose their card at any point, there is no extra cost of printing “Investor” on a card. I get you’re trying to say that people replacing them because they’ve just invested is unnecessary, but what’s stopping literally anyone ordering a new one just because their card account number has faded or they just fancy a new one?


I don’t think that’ll update until it’s tied to a physical investor card.

I might be wrong.


I smell another The Times headline:

“Monzo is killing the planet, one investor card at a time!”


(Michael) #288

Have you tried removing it & adding it again to Apple Pay?

(Szymon) #289

Wait for Eco Movement around the web too :V

(Daniel Sutton) #290

I’m in :slight_smile:

Happy to be supporting the BEST bank in the UK :+1: