Crowdfunding is open to new investors!

(Tom Purcell) #247

24,000 investors x £2.50 :astonished:

Only took them 10 minutes to raise the £60,000 though!


Plus waste of plastic as well


And this!


You can recycle your old one as a cool windscreen frost clearer


Recycling is great but not as great as the plastic not being produced in the first place


I won’t be replacing my card, I have no desire to. So a bit unjust to presume :).

(Ben ) #254

True, didn’t actually see that…

Perhaps Monzo should look into accessibility and how they can make everything (including investing) accessible for all.


That could be applied to many many things, people etc :wink:


I wasn’t presuming was just stating a further point to the cost

(Jack) #257

Not only is it a waste of plastic but a waste of the money I just invested :wink:
Also it’s a pain to update the card number on various services I use like Amazon, iTunes & Netflix.

(Gareth) #258

There’s 49(7^2 ?) combinations to answer the questions so there probably is one wrong answer somewhere if you’re trying “all options”.

While you’re waiting for support to reply, slowly check each answer.

(Entirely a guess) There may also be a tiny possibility that you have a limited number of attempts to answer, without having to raising a case with support.

(John Williams) #259

Yeah amazing to watch the counter

People better hurry not much left!


I know it is actually shocking (In a good way)

(Abe) #261

Thanks for all those positive replies guys, i did it for the umpteenth time and it worked (haven’t changed my answers, so perhaps there was a error)???

But really appreciate all the help from majority of people!


Well done!

(Natalia) #263

Great news!!

(Szymon) #264

Me: Messges my gf Have you bought shares?
Her: Nope
Me: well u better hurry as there is like 14 milions
Her: still a lot of time left
Me 20 min later: well, that’s 17 already
Her: Panicking
Me: Told u to hurry :V

(charles ragg) #265


A link to the investment graphs and user data


9% left - wonder if there will be a lunch time surge/panic