Crowdfunding is open to new investors!

(Abe) #226

On the 7 question specifically; I know this is probably not the done thing, however, I have tried ALL options and nothing is working. I have been doing it since 10.10am!!!

Please help, I’ve read the form 20x times and understand it, OK my dyslexia might be an issue, but I’m going to miss out!!!


This is crazy, so for every 1-share investor the company stands to lose around 30% of the investment, even before the Crowdcube costs? I can’t really understand why the investment threshold is so low - surely a minimum £50 would have actually resulted in a greater net cash inflow to the company?


It’s about inclusion not profit

(Tom ) #229

It’s advisable that you don’t invest unless you fully understand the risks. This is why every investor is asked questions, to ensure they understand those risks. The community can’t help you game these questions.

(Natalia) #230

Yeah, so as suggested by Dave - select the worst possible outcome.

  • no money received from Monzo or anyone
  • can’t sell shares
  • if more shares issued, then your shareholding will decrease, and not increase. etc

(Nicholas Martin) #231

But that’s 30% they don’t need to spend on Marketing :wink:


But we can help if he would understand but has difficulties that prevent him answering correctly

(John Williams) #233

Yay bagged my shares and a shiny badge

(Abe) #234

I understand the risk, mentioned that already ready. I am dyslexic so need additional clarification, unless your that way incline you don’t understand!

(Natalia) #235

Looks like we can’t help… my post has just been greyed out.

(Mark Dunne) #236

Hurrah! I’m now an investor :smiley:

Where’s my badge :rofl::rofl:


I’ve PM’d - there is a huge difference between not understanding the risk and having difficulty due to dislexia and Monzo should be taking this into account.

(Is Santa here yet?) #238

Start an urgent chat as Beth suggested

(Harry) #239

Woohoo bit the bullet and invested!


Wow £2.50 for replacement card

Don’t replace unnecessarily folks!


So just to say, I bought shares too! Woo. I haven’t done it for any financial decision. (Although this was taken on-board when deciding!).

I’ve done it as I actually “Owe” a lot to Monzo for my current place in my ‘life’. Who would have thought a bank could help protect me from my own personal “vulnerabilities” and help give me a focus back on moving forwards. I actually think about my Money, grown my confidence and have a bit of drive to move forwards, all as side effects of Monzo being here!

So I bought some shares to be a part of something that means a lot to me, and I really want to do amazingly well in the future! Thank you Monzo.

(Jack) #243

I’m just going to wait until my current card naturally needs to be replaced.




Me too :+1:

(Natalia) #246

Good point! Totally agree with you. I was just trying to help, if the guy says he is dyslexic