Crowdfunding is open to new investors!


Hello @Zvezda, it’s not a case of fixing the app. iOS and Android OS handle custom icons differently. We tried this for Android recently and it broke the app :grimacing:

(Kolok) #207

Does someone have a picture of the investor card?

(Natalia) #208

I see, OK, thanks!


(Hugh Wells) #210

Afraid not :disappointed: They are different card stock

(Abe) #211

I know this is probably not the done thing, however, I have tried ALL options and nothing is working. I have been doing it since 10.10am!!!

Please help, I’ve read the form 20x times and understand it, OK my dyslexia might be an issue, but I’m going to miss out!!!


Can you open an urgent chat in the app and someone can take a look :blush:


Are you having an issue with the 7 questions that it asks?

(Tom ) #214

You need to select the type of investor you are.

Perhaps you are looking at the “read prospectus” bit - the actual invest button you need to scroll to the bottom.

(Sam H) #215

I’m getting a “Sorry, there was a problem. Please try again and contact us if it continues” message when trying to replace my card. Must be high demand I guess :sweat_smile:

(Ben Talbot) #216

Mine just went through fine a minute ago

(Nick) #217

What option do I choose when selecting to get the new card?

(Michael) #218

When can I request my Investor Black Metal Card, with Hot Coral Core? :eyes:


Did you freeze it first?

(Sam H) #220

Yep, only way to order a new card I believe.


Can you update the Apple Pay card image without ordering a new card?

(Daze) #222

I’ve just done this & personally selected “Asked by customer services”. I don’t imagine it matters too much either way? At least I hope not. My card replacement request went through just fine - says it’ll arrive Sunday 9th!

(Natalia) #223

Feel free to tell us what you see on the screen and we will take you step by step :slight_smile:


You basically select the worst possible outcome on each question

(Daz Fisher) #225

Got my shares :blush: