Crowdfunding is open to new investors!

(Hugh Wells) #193

Badges in general are per user, not per account :blush:

(Sean) #194

Can you tell us how much a replacement card costs? As an owner you’ve got to think about that unit economics :wink:

(Natalia) #195

When will investor badges appear here, on the forum? I’ve got mine in the app now but not here.

(Lewis King) #196

Believe these are manual so will take a little bit of time to add


When the round closes they’ll do a batch.

(Hugh Wells) #198

A card is approximately £1.50. With the envelope, postage etc. it is about £2.50 :+1:

Monzo investor card - design concept (By Brice Corbin)
(Lewis King) #199

Can I use my card whilst I wait for a replacement? App suggests only Apple Pay works but I don’t see anything saying my card is disabled.

(C^2) #200

I was awoken at 7:50am by a nightmare that I missed the whole crowdfunding campaign :woman_facepalming:t2: I’m also currently in Germany so it was technically 6:50am, felt dead but at least I made it :joy:

Much congrats to Monzo and the team for the amazing campaign. So far you’ve done nothing but consolidate my belief that Monzo will only get better from here :star_struck: Good luck for the future, for the sake of us investors too :wink:

(Dan) #201

You can freeze your card, order a replacement and then unfreeze your card to use it as normal.

(Lewis King) #202

I didn’t even freeze it, just went to manage -> my card is damaged/broken -> ordered a new one



Sorry, I meant does it show “investor” on the JA card (I don’t think it does…)?

(Natalia) #205

@HughWells Hi, can you tell me, when are you planning on fixing the Android apps, so that we could also get the Investor app? It appears that this is currently only possible on the iOS.


Hello @Zvezda, it’s not a case of fixing the app. iOS and Android OS handle custom icons differently. We tried this for Android recently and it broke the app :grimacing:

(Kolok) #207

Does someone have a picture of the investor card?

(Natalia) #208

I see, OK, thanks!


(Hugh Wells) #210

Afraid not :disappointed: They are different card stock

(Abe) #211

I know this is probably not the done thing, however, I have tried ALL options and nothing is working. I have been doing it since 10.10am!!!

Please help, I’ve read the form 20x times and understand it, OK my dyslexia might be an issue, but I’m going to miss out!!!


Can you open an urgent chat in the app and someone can take a look :blush: