Credit Score Gone Down?

Haven’t checked my credit score in about one year, just signed in and says it’s gone down by 28 points ?! 632 out of 999

I’m completely debt free and have not taken out any loans or credit cards.
Been with Monzo and Barclays for a year and never gone overdrawn, why such a poor credit score ?

because your credit score is a made up number that is not seen by anyone but yourself

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Nobody can answer your question without knowing all your personal and financial details. There are far to many factors.

The site that you’re using will give you the reasons as well as what improvements you need to make. Use that.

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It could be that you’ve just not used any credit. Companies want to see you can manage credit.

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Yes it said this
Oh well thanks I’ll just leave it then

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Remember that credit reference agencies will always vary the number up and down a little bit. It’s to make you keep logging in every month so they can advertise credit products to you.

Don’t worry about checking your score. Log in every few months to check that there aren’t any products showing which you haven’t taken out, and just pay your bills on time and you’ll be fine when you want a product which requires a credit check.


Yep it’s own worth checking your report to make sure all the details they have on you are accurate.

If you find anything that’s wrong then challenge it to be corrected, and if you find anything you didn’t apply for then flag it up asap.

The score is their own rating to sell you their services, it’s only shown to you.

Any lenders use their own scoring system based on the report to determine if you’re eligible and what rates etc

These are the three to check;

Experian (Money Savings Expert Credit Club)
Equifax (Clearscore)
TransUnion (Credit Karma)

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On the Nationwide website it says this regarding opening an account…

We may be able to check your identity electronically by using credit reference agencies to search sources of information relating to you (an Identity search); this search will not affect your credit rating.

Hence why Iogged into Experia to make sure my. Details were correct

That’ll be why. A credit score just means you’re good at debt, not that you are good with money. :slight_smile:

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Also check you’re registered to vote