Credit limit is knacked

Check it out on my Premium tracker and it’s reading 475….yikes! In my 50s now! But after a messy divorce, the past keeps on haunting me. Wondering if this is the worse score I can get?

Your credit score is a made up number. You need to see the data behind the made up number to understand what your credit report actually looks like. Why would you think ‘475’ would be the worst you can get?


Scores are meaningless, it’s plucked out of the air to encourage people to sign up to premium services by these companies.

Concentrate on looking at your credit file, make sure everything is correct in the 1st place. Then if you have any debts etc work on paying them off over time. If you’ve missed payments yes this will look bad but overtime it corrects itself so long as payments start coming in on time.


Don’t know what premium tracker means but…

If you are looking at Clearscore to see Equifax then thats normal score.

If you are using Credit Karma/Monzo to see your TransUnion then its avg/poor.

If thats using MSE creditclub to see your Experian out of 999 then yeah not great.

As others above mention its whats on the report not their score.

Make sure the details are correct.

And make sure your are financially detached from your ex


Yeah that was my thought after posting.

The premium word threw me off, a feature of the plus (thats a copy of what Credit Karma does for free)

As apposed to the tracker being “premium”, its pretty standard :sweat_smile:

475 on TransUnion is a bit :grimacing: that sounds very messy. @Stevemind Still worth signing up to Credit Karma and see what suggestions it has over what Monzo shows, also this section and remove the connection as their report can be impacting on yours.


Funny enough for the first time ever I was told I needed a specific ClearScore score to get something and had to provide a print off to show I had that score.

So in this one instance the score was what they were looking at, not the data that made that score up.


Maybe I’m being cynical, but it sounds like they don’t want to pay for a proper credit check and have figured out a rough workaround.


I mean I wasn’t speculating on the reason why, just that it was a thing that happened.

(It was eligibility for a no-deposit scheme for renting an apartment).


Because printing off a webpage isn’t easy to fake in Photoshop at all, is it?


:man_shrugging:t2: I’m just saying it was asked for.