Credit global budget and budget category on card refund or income

Hi, got a feature request.

Let’s say I make a purchase on Amazon and flag it as Shopping, and the order gets cancelled and the card refunded for some reason.

It would be nice that my Shopping budget be credited with the amount of the refund so that when I make another purchase it doesn’t say “You spent all your shopping budget for this month.”

Same idea for the global monthly budget.

Then maybe generalise the feature to any type of income, not only refunds?
Unfortunately Faster Payments messages don’t have a flag to tell if they’re income or a refund so I don’t have a perfect suggestion about when to let an incoming bank transfer credit a budget or not.

Maybe create a new incoming-only “Income” category and let all incoming bank transfers default to it, and if the user does categorise a transfer as one of the expense categories that’s your cue to credit said budget as well as the global budget.