Credit Card Payment - References

Hi all,

So I’m sure like some of you that are using the current account as your main/only account, I have to pay off my credit card. I don’t like waiting until the end of the month, so I pay it off every week to have a clearer idea of the money I have left for the month.

To do this, I have to make a bank transfer to the credit card account, with the credit card number as the reference. In the Barclays app, you only had to put this once and future payments to the same account would default to that reference.

Unfortunately I’m slightly regretting moving over to Monzo as I didn’t realise this wasn’t a feature already. Now I have to manually put in the card number for the reference every time I pay off my credit card. This isn’t exactly the end of the world, but it is a real hassle.

Can we get this ability to default the reference for certain payments? Or just ‘lock’ a reference to a certain account that’s being paid?

Also - can we have a way to pay accounts directly from Pots? I know that’s not the idea behind Pots, but I have a ‘Treat Yourself’ pot and it would be handy to pay off my credit card (for a specific purchase) from a pot instead of taking out the money and then paying.


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