Credit Card inside Monzo πŸ‘€

Emma seems to be very on top of the open banking stuff, with testers too.

So far, Natwest, Nationwide, RBS and HSBC already work with Emma to my knowledge, so their APIs are up.

I do wonder if Amex is just planning to launch across the board instead for maximum kudos… and is actually already nearly there with lots of third parties

Only with some type of accounts.

HSBC do not show saving accounts and NatWest / RBS recently removed payment functionality from their savings accounts which means they do not need to present them via an API.

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Tandem have just released their open banking API. Would love to see support for Tandem in Monzo.


I asked about this myself :slight_smile:

I will do some chasing and see what I can find out :eyes:


I do wonder why is Amex slacking soo much.
Would be outstanding to see the balance in the Monzo app!

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Are we able to see AMEX inside Monzo yet?

Nope. Someone did link to an Amex site where it confirmed they have finished implementing their open API however not sure if we are waiting on TrueLayer to finish bug fixing or something else is the hold up.

That post has me wondering. Monzo offer their api for other apps. But monzo only support credit cards that true layer support. But true layer support current accounts as well…

So what’s stopping monzo Supporting adding other current accounts in their app?

Very little. I’d imagine they were waiting for the arrival of the new layout before moving in that direction, as it would be yet more content that there was no room for.

As to when we might get it, who knows?


Scheduling, priorities and workload I imagine :smile: