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(Nigel Walsh) #1

Given all the data, could we combine the data we have and use to negotiate discounts from suppliers that is automatically applied.

As its real time, you could almost use like Surge pricing that would vary the discount and report out to users using notifications.

E.G. everyone spends X in PRET/Starbucks per week which gives x% discount by default. If its unusually high or they want to push you to an offer etc - then they send a notification for a Surge discount/offer

You would have to negotiate with stores, or could partner with Quidco etc to automagically provide the discounts

Then one of the items on the dashboard will be waht you save per week and in total. Santander 123 do the latter of this already.

Nigel | @nigelwalsh


This sounds like an excellent idea!

Already do something similar with their rewards scheme. Continuing the coffee example curve gives you 3% back of your spend at Cafe Nero.