COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Curious if you’d say the same about a cancer drug? Or about a new painkiller etc if those had been around for only a few months and they weren’t yet 100% sure of the effectiveness?

Ah the internet keeps on giving today, people are in outrage as they’ve just booked holidays to Spain and can’t go anymore as they can’t quarantine for 14 days when they get back.

Well the common sense in me says you decided to gamble booking a holiday during a pandemic, no one forced you to book a holiday so on your own head be it. People don’t seem to be able to take blame for their own actions anymore, it’s the government’s fault, it’s the holiday company’s fault, it’s BAs and easyJets fault for still running flights 🤦


I’m not sure you can blame the airlines. They just operated within the parameters of the government’s advice.

You can blame the government. I’ve been following Spain’s pandemic because I have a holiday booked for September. I don’t want to go, so I’m hoping it will be cancelled. I’ve never been convinced that Spain had the spread sufficiently under control when they eased their lockdown. I suspect that the government here was unduly swayed by the need to get the economic cogs turning.

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To be fair the only people at blame are the ones who booked these last minute holidays, they’ve gambled and its not paid off. Save your money and wait until things are more settled with less risk, there’s plenty things you can do in the UK.

Anyone who booked well in advance before covid well that’s a different kettle of fish at least

While I do agree with this, I wonder what those things will be like (and how much they will cost) when the millions of British people who used to take holidays abroad, suddenly decide to take their holidays in the U.K.

Also, local lockdowns in U.K. tourist areas aren’t too unlikely, especially towards the end of the summer.

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Nice bit of seasonal rain is always good an all 🤦🤣

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I agree with you, it is a gamble.

I’ve booked flights to Iceland in November knowing that I might not be able to go. But the flights were £50 return and I’ll be booking hotels though a website that gives last minute cancellations, so at the moment I’m set to lose just 50 quid.

I’d never dream of booking a package holiday at the moment.


This is true.

This is also very true, see also: ‘why did you post a spoiler on Instagram?’ No Karen, why are you on social media when you know the show’s been broadcast and you know people might post spoilers.


There will be a fair chunk of people who booked before the pandemic and because their flights and hotels were running and open they were in a use it or lose it position. I have a lot of sympathy for those people, especially when significant proportions of their wages are involved.

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I have a question.

Why is it always Karen in these scenarios? I’m sure Brenda does the same thing as well! :stuck_out_tongue:


More importantly- so does Colin…

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I feel bad for all the non-Karen Karens.


I booked return flights to Switzerland with BA back in April. They then and currently allow full flexibility with rebooking, including changing dates or destination - and this works with both flights and hotels, so I changed them to now.

This makes it much less of a gamble.

I’m currently visiting family in Switzerland, where the virus is much more under control and the situation almost back to normal - though masks are mandated in shops and restaurants, and on public transport. After four months of total isolation, I decided not to worry about social distancing with my family, but on my second day here, my niece suddenly developed a 39.5 degree fever. It turned out not to be Covid, but during the 24 hours of uncertainty, it was reassuring to know I could change my flight home without any fuss, if I needed to.

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I don’t think they exist, every Karen I’ve seen even have the Karen hair :rofl:


The irony of this appearing on my BBC news feed:


So my area goes into a lockdown ban at midnight tonight to stop separate households from meeting up inside, yet from what I can see is pubs, cafes, restaurants etc are still staying open.

Another half assed attempt at something yet again,

From my experience pubs and restaurants have done a good job at enforcing social distancing due to threats from health and safety, so leaving those open is not a bad idea in my opinion.

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Not around here they haven’t, no social distancing, no contract tracing