COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Reminds me of this :rofl:

I’ve started going into London a day or two a week over this week & last as part of an office job (doing essential work). I’ve had been WFH full time up until this point but unexpectedly have really enjoyed going in, meeting colleagues (for the first time as it’s a secondment) and having a routine- although I think I feel a bit guilty for enjoying that in a pandemic (prob irrationally!)

Is anyone else in a similar situation/ going into London- how are you finding it? :grinning:

For me social distancing seems to have gone out the window in most places.

There’s a restaurant near me that gives you food in a takeout bag but doesn’t say anything if you sit down and most of the tables were full when I was there.

Even the new rules coming in on the 4th are very lax if you go by the letter of the law, for example it’s advised to have 30 people max by a wedding but you can have unlimited technically, the no food, music/singing etc rules are just advisories and not actually law.

Sat here patiently waiting for lockdown part 2, bless Boris thinking he’s beaten it

We’re now on a par with the US as far as reality distortion goes, imo.

-Government sends care home residents home from hospital without tests
-Government blames care home owners for outbreaks

What a ****ing weasel of a PM we have.


That’s always been his way of operating, such as been vague over lock down loosening, he can then blame the people instead, anything for him to try come out on top. It’s actually fun to watch it backfire on him on a pretty much daily basis

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I don’t watch the news as it’s bad for my mental health but would be grateful if someone could tell me are we likely to get a second wave or not ? Also is there a date for gyms opening ? Thanks

Day 1: “Lockdown is lifting! You can all go to the beach!”
Day 2: “We are very disappointed that everyone went to the beach. This was bad and wrong of everyone.”

My view is, yes. It’s very much a question of when, not if. The best we can hope for is that the second wave is actually a localised wave (or series of localised waves), so only certain areas may have to be locked down and not the whole country.

[quote=“Venomx, post:1919, topic:92910”]
Also is there a date for gyms opening ?[/quote]

Not yet, no. The government categorise gyms as a high-risk enivronment - “because of the level of activity that goes on, the number of surfaces that are touched, there’s a far greater risk of infection than one where people are stationary and breathing less hard and touching fewer surfaces”. While it may be small comfort, the situation is just as frustrating to gym owners as it is to you.

I suspect when gyms are allowed to re-open you won’t miss the news being blasted all over.


Ok thanks :blush:
Yeah I’m aware Leicester has had a second wave. Let’s hope it’s not as bad as the one we’ve just had

I hate to be that guy but I would bet money on the fact that the second (or third) wave will be much worse than the one we are currently riding.

There might be localised spikes in the next few months which with a bit of luck can quickly be suppressed. But once the cold and wet season starts, there will be lots of flu cases demanding NHS attention on top of COVID and weaker immune systems will mean people are more likely to catch one/both and do worse.

And if people continue to behave like complete idiots in pubs, it will be so much worse. We were lucky as it got bad once the weather was warming up


Interesting article here

Coronavirus: Majority testing positive have no symptoms

Pubs open and everyone doing what they want is going to end in tears.

I was shocked to read that only 3 pubs shut down across the country as a result. I expected more.

Might be worth noting that there were plenty of pubs who chose not to open just yet (several near me felt they still needed to get their procedures in place properly/train their staff, and at least one said it was because they felt it irresponsible to reopen on a Saturday). Which means that, as a proportion (of open pubs), three could still be quite high.

Also, there’s a whole week yet for even more to realise they have to close again.

Indoor gyms, swimming pools and sports facilities can reopen from Saturday 25 July.
Check with your gym for more details as some may reopen at a later date or may not reopen again at all.

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Got a mask on order seen as though we’re about to be told no mask no shop, I’ve had a few disposable ones hanging around for use at the barbers and that’s the only time I’ve worn one, can’t keep up with the disposables if I want to go to the shops though

It’s clear masks aren’t going to catch on organically, so will have to be forced… I was out shopping today…0 masks in sight, and many of the shops have removed the one way systems and 2m rules. We’re heading for disaster if this carries on (I’m genuinely surprised we’re not seeing an uptick in the figures yet… it’s levelled out and stopped dropping but that’s it).

I don’t know why they don’t just make it compulsory to wear a mask/face covering (obviously there should be certain exclusions, restaurants etc). So long as using anything like a scarf is acceptable I don’t see any problem. It’s been fine for public transport. They should have announced a date ages ago to allow businesses to prep coverings for their employees.

I’d say roughly a third of people are wearing masks at the supermarket I work at. Half of them are wearing them incorrectly though. Seriously, it does go over your nose too… And don’t take it off to talk to me. :confused:

Too early to see any change on data yet

This is what’s been done in Scotland since Friday.

I take mine off to sneeze. Is that wrong? :tired_face:

It can take up to 14 days between catching the virus and exhibiting symptoms. Give it another week and then we’ll be able to see if there’s any sign of an uptick (or perhaps more pessimistically, how big the uptick might be).