COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Welcome to my world. So far this year we’ve had one person come in to work (“I’ve tested positive for COVID but I feel ok!”) and get sent straight home again, and another person say they “felt a bit sniffly” and found they had COVID after we essentially forced them to take a take. They did stay home, but I’m still not entirely convinced they didn’t come back to work too early.

The whole thing feels insane to me, like there’s been a collective abdication of responsibility. God knows how we’ll cope when (not it!) the next pandemic event hits.

Recently started a new job and had to make the difficult decision to stop masking. Difficult because the decision wasn’t driven by any confidence in COVID being gone, but in not wanting to get singled out as the office weirdo that everyone ignores :grimacing:


This approach doesn’t work in every industry. Kids’ education would be ruined if teachers stayed off work every time they had a cold. The NHS would collapse. I dare say it’s similar in policing, prisons, and all sorts of other industries.

Things were different at the height of the pandemic but, now, a runny nose is not a reason to stay off work (though I can see it’s a bit different if you can work from home instead).


They could certainly wear a mask though.

I think we really ought to normalise that as a society. If you can’t stay home, at least wear a mask so you’re reducing your risk to others.


To be honest if Covid didn’t do this, it isn’t happening. We can’t just normalise something like that. So with the greatest of respect it needs to be something else or those who feel uncomfortable need to do something for themselves to ease their anxiety.

(I’m not saying this is something you should have to do, but it’s just the reality of it, we need to work with what is actually the case not what we wish it was)


That would be a fair suggestion if that’s all that was, but it’s not. It’s not only an anxiety issue. That just happens to be the issue we were discussing the other day.

My suggestion wasn’t as a solution for those anxieties though. It was a solution to minimise the risk of spreading those illnesses so people are less likely to get sick.


We managed to normalise wearing condoms so people don’t have unwanted babies. So why shouldn’t it be reasonable to hope to normalise wearing masks so people don’t spread unwanted colds and other respiratory diseases?


A child has a life altering impact, a cold does not.

If I get ‘you’ pregnant, that has an affect on me. If I give you my cold, it makes zero difference to me.


Therein lies my qualm with British society. It’s incredibly selfish.

Because you’re right. That is the thought process. And in my view, the more relevant difference between the two scenarios.

A cold may not be life altering for most people. The flu definitely is for some people (several thousands die from it every year; you don’t get more life altering than that). And both come with negative consequences either way.


I’m not saying it’s not something you can’t possibly ever do, that part in isolation from the rest of my post is disingenuous.

The key context is what I said prior to that - if Covid didn’t do this, it isn’t happening.

By all means, wear a mask if you feel unwell. More power to you. If you think it’s going to normalise now, I find that hard to believe.


Indeed. That’s the thing about public health, it relies on people acting for the greater good. The mass abdication of responsibility in the COVID pandemic has really given this concept a massive kicking in the nuts, and laid the groundwork for whatever pandemic comes next being so much worse.

A cold may be just a cold to one person. But to another, that cold is a life threatening flu. Or it’s a ‘cold’ that results in developing long COVID and resulting disability. Or just something as simple as one person at work being sick but turning up anyway because presenteeism - and ultimately everyone at work is sick over the subsequent weeks.


I’d be interested to know how many people in this thread have young children… if you kept them off nursery / school when they were coughing or snotty, they’d never go, and it wouldn’t be good for them.

Yes, there are risks involved when anyone with a minor illness interacts with another person, but there are also benefits in society having some resilience and the ability to crack on.


A timely reminder (given the high infection rate at the moment) that COVID is not a mild respiratory disease. It’s a serious vascular disease that leads to a greatly increased probability of heart attacks, strokes, liver and kidney problems, especially the older you are.

These problems and Long Covid can result from infections that have mild or even no symptoms. It’s a public health disaster in the making.

I’m not scare-mongering - the data are readily available.



If the wider society doesn’t wanna wear masks when they are sick, fine. But can they at least leave alone those of us who do.


Speaking of Tesco I’m no longer shopping there as they used a device to lock my trolly wheel which nearly caused me to have an accident. The security guard asked for my receipt and when he saw it was £100+ worth of shopping he couldn’t even be arsed looking at it.

I’d never heard of it before so a quick Google and I found:

EDIT: I’m not from Northampton, so it’s definitely spread to other areas.


Ah this is kinda shit, imagine if someone hacks it lol. All get stopped at once!

The security measures at supermarkets are getting ridiculous. They do f*** all to stop shoplifters but do everything to put off and deter regular shoppers. I don’t shop at Tesco either given they once discriminated/profiled me due to wearing a tracksuit just after a run; and sent their gorilla security guards at me.

Speaking of masks though, that is shocking. I would raise a complaint, and never return to a shop that prevented me from doing so.


I’ve been in that very store a couple of times since last summer and the trolley wasn’t stopped. Never had an issue wearing a mask in any Tesco stores, either.

I wonder if a new security guard has got mixed up over other types of masks and motorbike helmets, etc.


This be why I use online shopping like Ocado or Asda delivery. Can’t be arsed with staff anymore


I miss Ocado. :sob:

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Its the best in my opinion lol!

Although we don’t know what kind of face mask they was wearing, could be more to the story tbh

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