COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Bloody pensioners, always in the way :joy: went shopping late on that other night. Blue rinse brigade at the checkouts slowing everything down.

You’re retired, you’ve had all day to shop and now you’re out in my way. Should be a curfew for them 0900 - 1130 then 1430 - 1600 for shipping, any other times, sit at home and watch countdown :joy:

Oi - I suppose I’m a (private) pensioner now!

Got my booster alert yesterday and have booked for next Sunday at my local pharmacy. Will ask for flu jab at the same time. My invitation is due to comorbidities rather than age, though.


We all hope WHO are right that it is nearing an end.

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I left a gap of 2 weeks between flu jab and COVID booster, I know you can pretty much have them at the same time. But thought I’ll spread it out, that way if either of the vaccines makes me feel crappy it’s limited to just the one vaccine kicking me about and not both.


I’ve never had any bad side effects from the flu vaccine and I’ve been having it for years - a slightly sore arm at the most.

I had a very heavy arm after my last couple of Covid boosters and also some chest pain, but both went after a couple of days. The Covid vaccines (mRNA) cause your muscle cells to grow spike proteins similar to the ones in the Covid virus, hence the muscle aches. Problems can occur if the vaccine is injected into the blood stream because it can then be carried to the heart, stimulating heart muscle to grow the spike proteins. This can cause Myocarditis and Pericarditis. This is why I always ask the person giving the injection to aspirate (check for blood) before injecting, if they have been trained for it.


Covid vaccines tend to mean a day off work in bed for me, and as I’m just recovering from a virus (not covid) that had me feeling ill for nearly a fortnight, I’ll pass for now despite the emails asking me to book… want to be fit before enduring another one.


Travelling to the Netherlands from abroad | Coronavirus Covid-19 |

So Spain is now the only country in EU that requires a test on entry.

The article is paywalled but judging by the first two comments it seems inaccurate / clickbaity…


The second comment summarises the article pretty well.
Basically they have removed the health form, but you DOstill need one of the below:

  • Proof of vaccination (3 doses, or 2 doses not older than 270 days)

  • Certificate of recovery

  • Negative test.

So probably what I should have said is Spain is now the only country in the EU holding on to covid restrictions.

With no sign of a booster for younger age groups, I am tempted to once again begin haunting my local vaccine centres at the end of the day and see if anyone fancies giving me a leftover. I expect the uptake isn’t what it used to be anyway

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I must admit, it looks like most of the vaccination centres around here seem to have vanished.
Plus I suspect you’re right about the uptake.

I guess soon enough we’ll be able to just buy it like the flu vaccine? I think there’s a supply thing right now for the latest vaccine, but when there’s enough of that I’m hoping £20 will sort us out

Got the two at the same time yesterday. I felt fine until in the evening it hit me, then my night was spent shivering like I was in an icy cave, then sweating like in a sauna. Hope I’m over it now though


Sounds like a good, strong immune response!

And it continues. Been feeling flu-y today and now the shivers are back. I’m not doing these things back to back again, I’d rather suffer less twice. Good luck to you tomorrow!

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Thanks, although I’ve had to re-book for next Sunday. Also they’re not doing flu at the same time at the moment so I’ll have to book that separately.

Hope you feel better soon!

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Unlucky on the timings, but I’d say it’s quite lucky that you now get a break between the two! 38º now, so feeling great. Funnily enough partner is feeling fine now and I am jealous. More suffering = more goodness, right?

It certainly shows a strong immune response.

I do wonder how many will actually bother with another booster :thinking:
Especially as in normal years, uptake of the flu jab is never really that high.
And with most countries not even requiring it for entry anymore, will folk bother?

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In 2020-2021, 19 million people got a flu vaccine… I’d say that’s pretty high.

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