COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

*and Nando’s.


Funnily enough that’s exactly what the government don’t want you to do. No meeting family and friends.

50% off mcdonalds instead.

Hey, how come you’ve suddenly started posting links to seemingly random sites (like here, for example)

Have you been hacked? Blink twice if you’ve been hacked.


Either hacked or very misguided posting links to canadian pharmacies…

Because they’re a known spam account that hasn’t been banned yet.


San Quentin, I hate every inch of you.

I have this problem, with my diving club (who I have not met in person since January) I booked a dive holiday to Cyprus late last year and paid several deposits. Due to the specialist nature of the holiday we have to book accommodation, flights and activities separately so no ATOL protection.

This year lockdown starts, and the various companies start asking for final payments whilst the world is on lockdown. We as a group discussed it, and despite not all of us having insurance which would cover cancellation due to global pandemics, we decided to pay the final payments knowing that if a second wave hits we may not travel.

Will we be able to go? No idea. I suspect we will know for sure about 3 days before the flights.

Will we get refunds or be able to re-arrange? Maybe but I am sure we will lose some or all of our money.

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Very sad to see

Of those who said they would not get one, 34% believe the government is trying to control the population by getting them to wear masks and 36% think “too much fuss” is being made of the pandemic.

100% of these groups are idiots. :man_facepalming:


and 50% of those are all talk and will get a vaccination anyway.


I tend not to worry about those who don’t want a vaccine, hopefully natural selection will deal with them and then it’s not an issue :rofl:

Unfortunately it’s not that simple - some people cannot have vaccines due to their age or pre-existing health conditions. These people are protected by the fact that most people they come into contact with are vaccinated.


Many vaccines rely on a high percentage of the population being vaccinated in order for them to work properly, and that would certainly be true of any coronavirus vaccine. So in that respect, it is worrying that not enough people may take it for it to be effective.

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The majority of people who have been furloughed have carried on working during lockdown, with men significantly more likely than women to flout the rules of the scheme and work for their employer when they are not allowed to do so.

Less surprising than it should be

Maybe worth remembering for the person/people on here who excoriated a Monzo staff member who had the temerity to - shock horror - answer a single question that they were explicitly asked as it was about something they had put in place before being furloughed


Hmmm… Assuming more men are in paid employment, I hope they adjusted. I bet more women would have done if they could :cry:

I imagine the women were busy home schooling the kids…

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I find that wierd. My employer even told me I wasn’t allowed to email someone on furlough to ask a question, I had to get by on what we had when it all went south.

It seems the enforcement was so poor that I could have simply treated them as still employed and there would have been no consequences.

I’ve heard from a few friends that they’ve been pressured to work whilst furloughed. They were all ‘encouraged’ in the same way: either you do the work on furlough, or you’re bought back to work but hours reduced down to single digits. For those with mortgages and families to feed, it’s a horrible position to be put in!


Liking that for the contribution to the conversation rather than any approval of the practice. That sounds a terrible position to be put in