COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Thanks for your concern we won’t

Amazing! Pass your COVID forcefield this way

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£5.99 and a free fragrance thrown in, I’ll send tracked delivery

You didn’t happen to find it in a bin, did you? :grimacing:

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I don’t think any sneaky Russians left it behind :rofl:

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The not meeting in other houses is due an SI (possibly today, if they can get it through on a Friday - it remains mere advice until that happens) but the pubs bit isn’t going to be legislated.

So largely nothing changes unless you were planning a house party after today…

I thought they passed legislation stating that councils and government are able to bring in these rapid changes without passing more legislation again? :eyes: I could be wrong tho.

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They gave councils more power, but changing the law still requires an SI (which can be voted on retroactively but still has to exist and be passed by a committee)… you can’t have government able to change law without due process, that tends to end badly.

It’ll show up here…

Or possibly a bit faster here (harder to search through)…

Edit: The Blackburn one is up.
Can’t see Manchester yet…

I walked past a barber shop in zone 2 London yesterday and none of the staff or customers were wearing masks. :woman_facepalming:t2:

One of my employers went into adminstration today, to be fair didn’t come as a shock as was pretty much expecting it, been on furlough since day 1 and it’s still one the sectors that can’t fully open yet.

Now down to just the main job and another furloughed job, fortunately during lockdown I was in the position to pay the majority of my big bills off to the point a bit less wages incoming won’t affect me.

Sorry about your side job. :pensive:

If you don’t already have one, whilst you still have your other jobs, I can’t recommend enough the value of having an emergency fund to cover all your expenses and spending for at least 3 months.

I’ve been dumping all my surplus money into my emergency fund for the past couple months, instead of stocks, just to be safe. If the worst happens, I currently have enough to survive for at least the next 7 months now, which gives me time to find another source of income.


It’s something on my list to do but not gotten around to it as yet, fortunately my main job isn’t going anywhere and they’re having to recruit another 15,000 people to deal with the Covid-19 crisis, I’ve been there around 18 years now and it’s about as secure as can be.

Bulk of my savings at moment is now going towards driving license and then HGV license so I can have a change of career :crazy_face:


Money :thinking:

Well that’s my 4 anyways

*and Nando’s.


You know this situation reminds us of what is really important. I spend more time with my family and friends now. Also, I decided to quit smoking and start exercising regularly. I am curious what health store products do you use? Tell me more about that, please.


Funnily enough that’s exactly what the government don’t want you to do. No meeting family and friends.

50% off mcdonalds instead.

Hey, how come you’ve suddenly started posting links to seemingly random sites (like here, for example)

Have you been hacked? Blink twice if you’ve been hacked.

Either hacked or very misguided posting links to canadian pharmacies…