Council tax reduction, absence?

Due to the current situation, I’m out of my flat in Tower Hamlets for 3 months, moved in with my old man to keep him sane.

Is there anyway to reduce/minimise council tax whilst i’m away? I’m not subleasing or anything, it remains unused. I couldn’t find any information online unless you are a pensioner!

I don’t think so, the best option you have is to ring the council & speak to them about it.

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Official website suggests a possibility of up to 50% discount for empty homes.

However, it would be on a pro rata basis, I would guess, and you probably have a 25% discount already.

States that it’s up to your council to decide so, as previous poster suggested, give them a call.

You’ll be in no worse a position than you are now if they say no :man_shrugging:

The only thing I’d watch out for is if your father was living alone and currently benefiting from a 25% discount. The council could decide that since you’re living with him, that discount should no longer apply to him.

I doubt they’d stoop to that, but perhaps keep the conversation impersonal until you’re sure.


Up here in the North your old man would lose his 25% single occupancy discount and the empty house would attract full rate. An altogether sensible policy…

The government has announced funding for payments outside of their Local Council Tax reduction scheme,. It can be called many things -my area call it exceptional Circumstances payment. Best to email the council and mention this fund (was announced in recent budget) as these are the sort of things the fund should be used for.

Another option would be if you were caring for your dad you could claim Class I exemption (or class L…) which is leaving a property empty to provide care.

Again worth contacting them - i did a quick search on their website but nothing about this funding but it was definitely announced!!

I think I’d be more worried about the insurance than the council tax. A normal policy doesn’t like an empty property for more than 60 days I think.

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