Council Tax Rebate 2022

For anyone paying the council tax bill direct to council in England.

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Well that’s annoying. My council have moved systems and there are issues setting up direct debits so I’ve been paying manually each month.

I don’t understand why it can’t just be credited to the account of the apartment.

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I read that as you’ll still get it, they just want it on direct debit so it’s easier to credit you. You might just have to fight on the phone.

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There is a key word in the first paragraph:

Councils across England are urging householders to set up a direct debit payment for their council tax so that they can automatically receive the government’s £150 energy rebate in April.

And several paragraphs in, it’s made absolutely clear:

He added: “You can still get the money if you don’t have a direct debit set up, but it could take longer as your council will have to contact you and then you’ll have to make a claim.”

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Its a credit to bank accounts, not actually off your council tax bill (if I’m wrong, I’m am happy to be corrected) so people can use it to offset other bills. Calling it a Council Tax rebate is a little misnomer. Using the Council Tax system is probably the easiest way to pay multi-millions of people at the same time as well as ensuring it goes to people in houses/flats etc.

I read elsewhere that Councils will have to send cheques to people not on direct debits which would delay things for those people.


Any indication if this applies to Scotland too? My council has a particularly bad habit of setting up a direct debit, taking the payment once, then stop, and blame your bank for cancelling it whilst it still shows as active in Monzo. So I gave up and just pay mine manually in full by card whenever I get the bill now.

You’ll still get it, if you don’t pay DD, it’s just won’t be automatic. If you pay other means they’ll invite you to claim it back manually


Got mine today.

The “claim your money early” notification confused me for a second as I knew it wasn’t payday!

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Got mine start of April, well a few days in anyways. Some council’s aren’t even getting around to it until September, which has annoyed a lot of people.

Still waiting in Newham… and they just say they’ll get around to it essentially.

Northamptonshire are saying middle to end of May.

Still waiting here

Received mine today. Paid £100 into my octopus account straight away

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I put all £150 into my Chase Savings account dedicated to my energy funding, and home to my Octopus DD :grin: