Could we be given the ability to change the displayed name for a merchant in app and API please?

Some transactions seem to display merchants in a weird way and while there is an option to submit data to Monzo in the hope that transactions from that merchant will be displayed with the correct name and/or other better metadata in the future, we sadly end up with an unclear merchant name displayed for that transaction which means it is hard to search for in the app later on should we need to.

To solve this, what if when we submit a transaction with suggested updated name and other information, the app also set a piece of editable metadata for that transaction with the updated merchant name? This metadata field could that overide the normally displayed merchant name if set, and also be a field searched when searching your transaction history.

Hopefully this field could also be editable via the API, so those of us who have smart scripts to handle our person accounts could then have that merchant be relabelled by our scripts for future transaction until a time when Monzo might do its magic and handle that merchant better.

This is mentioned a lot in this thread…

But never seems to gain any traction.

Yeah. I’ve seen posts in the past talking about how Monzo seem to often be slow to update (or just never seem to update at all in some cases) merchant data.

However I don’t claim to know how long Monzo expect to take to fix some merchants or if their might be some issues with how the data is presented by some merchant’s payment systems that make it so they can’t.

For that reason I am suggesting a change to the app & api to allow the customers to have a way to deal with this issue, while we also wait for Monzo to update the merchant data on their side.

That’s what has been suggested many times, certainly the app part. I vaguely recall this not being an option due to your feed having to be accurate and not manually altered.

I don’t think there is a thread to vote for it, other than this…

But I think it’s such a tiny issue to most, that’s why it doesn’t have many votes.