Could this be fraud

I need to find out if a personal
account in france is genuine. I have a contact name and act details. BNP Paribas

What makes you think it could be fraud?

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The account would be genuine. The person attached however :woman_shrugging:


Why don’t you contact the person/organisation you need to pay?

Contact name is Mr B Madoff

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Well there is the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scandal of course. R-

I hope he is not

This is due to doing push payments for a loan and not getting the loan.

you paid a fee to get a loan but didn’t receive the money?

If it’s a well known company then you might be able to find their account details on their website

Have you tried contacting their customer services through details on their website to confirm?

I will do that and check the site thank you

Who did you send money to and by what method?

Maybe the Nigerian prince has finally ran out of money to give away…

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This was sent to Mr Hermann Chirac sent it via transferwise.

I won’t lie, alarm bells are ringing.

Where was the loan meant to come from? France in Euros?

Why would you pay in advance to get a loan, does that not defeat the purpose? :confused:

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This is doing me a concern.