Could not set up Apple Pay?

Just gone back to iPhone from huawei, everything’s set up including Monzo. However when I try to set up Apple Pay I just get the error message could not set up Apple Pay? Any ideas

What specifically does the error say? How are you trying to do it, from in the App, or through Wallet?

Through the wallet
It literally says “ could not set up Apple Pay “

Nope old iPhone which I used a few years back

If I reset the phone will I have to reinstall everything manually?

Not if you have a back up.

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So connect it to pc iTunes then do it ?

I asked Monzo on chat and they said it’s an Apple problem which it probably is
Done loads of googling can’t find anything that works

If you have iCloud backups turned on, you don’t need a PC or iTunes. Also make sure your software is up to date.

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done a reset, no luck
made a new apple ID no luck

I had this from support last week. Might or might not be the same issue.

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Very useful thanks! So not a problem my end then

Works fine now thanks

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That’s good news! Did you contact Apple in the end or did waiting do the trick?

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Did an update. Then when I turned the phone on this morning it worked


I also had this problem for some time and the latest iOS update fixed it.

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