Cost cutting

I really don’t know what your trying to achieve with this speculation …if anything …

I wasn’t trying to achieve anything. You jumped to the defence of Monzo so quickly it seemed like you knew something (something maybe you don’t want the rest of us to know)…

I’m merely just enjoying an evening of speculation with a fellow Monzo fan

I have been wondering where @tom is. Other than that outburst the other day in the media that Monzo isn’t in trouble we don’t really hear much from him. He’s such a nice chap he should get out a bit more

my “jumping to the defence of Monzo” was merely pointing out you …and I …knew nothing about the report more than what you and I have read , it seems to be you that is demanding that Monzo is transparent and tell you what is going on…they dont have to… , the lady might not want the details of contract she was or wasn’t employed under divulged , …you can speculate on anything you wish , doesn’t actually mean you are right

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I definitely want my bank to tell me what’s going on, especially if their may be trouble ahead…

However as long as there’s music and moonlight and love romance, we can at least all face the music and dance

and thats the third time you have suggested Monzo are in trouble , :man_shrugging:

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I wasn’t counting but a cost cutting thread would be a good place to speculate about a company being in trouble. Not saying it is, just transparently speculating in this public place

:slight_smile: now I get the feeling you’re just being deliberately provocative , so I will leave it there …speculate away


not at all. Just having a little fun

Have a lovely evening

if thats what entertains you

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Are you someone who needs to get the last word by any chance?

Alright you two. Take five. :+1:


Well this is pointless.