Coral core cards?

(Simon) #21

I must admit first time I had someone pay with one. It made me think it was a basic account like electron etc.
I had to ask the customer about it.

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No, NatWest switched to unembossed for all newly issued cards. It’s annoying as I like embossed cards, but they did it.

With Visa Electron and Maestro becoming less common, embossing means less and less

(MikeF) #23

No, I’m pretty sure they’re giving them out to everyone. Not seen an embossed one in ages.

In “the old days” when you used to use cards by phone they always wrote the numbers in (and sent me a slip with the purchase) so, unless the rules changed more recently, I’d be surprised if writing wasn’t ‘a thing’.

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(David Roberts) #24

Yes you are correct all new NatWest debit cards are un embossed apart from those for the partially sighted / blind. They were trialled initially with the their Premier accounts

(Greg) #25

i like the new cards (Curve - Revolut etc)
card number on the back of the card

(Simon) #26

Actually there is a lot of compliance. You aren’t meant to write numbers down / any numbers need to be stored securely etc. But a lot of people will still write them down.
I’ve seen word documents with card numbers of regular customers saved on computers :flushed:
What I guess would be great in the future is if every place taking payment over the phone had a portal where you put your card details in securely. They are never seen or the potential there for them to be written down.
Found a link that explains a little bit:

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That’s true for PCI compliance generally.

But in this case there’s no difference between an imprint of an embossed card and the written numbers - both are insecure.

I wonder of there’s a PCI exemption for this, given that it’s a backup function?

(Simon) #28

I have often wondered to be honest. As it’s not very secure and we have no shredding facilities.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #29

That’s not right. I’ve seen a family member with a NatWest Premier Black unembossed debit card.

(Chris Bigg) #30

If we’re going unembossed, then I would prefer to have the number printed on the back out of the way.

I received one of the new Natwest cards just before I went Full Monzo, it was very cheap and looked very unappealing.

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(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #31

You’re right, the NatWest cards do look cheap.

(Jordan) #32

I think it was discussed somewhere that one of the reasons the embossed numbers stay on is that, typically abroad, un-embossed cards tend to be rejected as they look “fake”. Since a large part of Monzo’s initial charm was the ease of using abroad I guess this is why it hasn’t changed?

EDIT - found the post by Hugo: Monzo investor card - design concept (By Brice Corbin)

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(Talon Fast) #33

Ooh brilliant! Can you give us an estimate of when that might be? :slight_smile:

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #34

Nooo don’t tell us!

Last thing the world needs is more plastic just so people can get a ‘coral core card’! :laughing::wink:

(Andy Slater) #35

Does ‘coral core’ mean what i think it means? Like, its coral coloured all the way through?

And if so, whats the point?

(MikeF) #36

I guess the point is to hold the front of the card to the back of the card. It’s got to be something so why not Hot Coral?


The hotel industry is really bad for this. Lots of ‘Channel Managers’ pass card details around so the hotel only has to use a single peice of software to work with all the booking websites and have all the details in one place.

Once upon a time sites like used to fax you the details, they’d just appear out the fax machine at reception (usually the front desk). At least that’s changed now!

(Andy Slater) #38

Is the back of the card not already the same as the from of the card?

First read this as holding the back to the same standard as the front, der.

So is it basically hot coral glue?

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #39

Yeah I’m getting confused two.

Looking ‘side on’ (the thinnest side) of my card it looks like two pieces of coral coloured plastic glued together. There is no white??

(Emma (still not the app)) #40

Then you have a Coral core card. Rejoice, or something