Copy for name labels in sign up flow are confusing

I just signed up for the Monzo Beta in USA. I found the labeling in the sign up flow to be a little confusing, specifically the copy in the Name field.

The copy for the default text for the field is “Full legal name” and the copy for the label below the field is “Add preferred name” (see screen grab:

I’d guess that for many people, these are not the same thing. For example, someone might be legally named “Jeffery Fontleroy Douggins” but preferred to called “Jeffey Doug”

Yes as well as transgender people who have not legally changed their name

I believe it’s a button that will create a new field underneath, rather than a label.


I don’t think this is a question of the text that is being used, but that UI design.

I can see from that screenshot that it could be confusing, the ‘Add Preferred Name’ needs to be more obvious that it’s clickable and adds a new field, just looks like a label underneath the field above it.