Converting and sending money abroad

Hello! I wondered if anyone had any tips; I’m trying to send money to Kenya to buy a car, (so it’s quite a few £££!) the seller wants it in USD, (not Kenyan shillings) so I have to transfer to $ and do an international payment. The big FX remittance companies will only do the transfer. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Ignore how you do this, this sounds awfully like a scam.


Thanks for the concern, it is legitimate as it’s a new colleague from my work out there.

Ah, so someone you hardly know is wanting you to send thousands of dollars to Kenya by bank transfer, for a car you’ve not seen in person.

Got it.


are you sure it’s a new colleague? and are you sure that the person you are emailing is the new colleague?
it’s a known scam when people impersonate a new employee becuase the staff don’t know them well.

And why isn’t the business sending them the money, why do you need to?

You should be able to send it on


Yes, it’s through the British Embassy because I work for them, so I know it’s 100% legitimate. Thanks for the warning though!


That raises a concern from me, if it’s a company car that you’re buying, shouldn’t the employer be sending the payment?

Please don’t mistake this for criticism or being nosey, but I (we) like to try and help someone before they part with their money if possible.

So you work for the British Embassy, is that in Kenya? You said “Send money to Kenya” which makes it sound like you’re not there already.

I have no idea if Kenya using USD is common or not, but the request for things in dollars can sometimes be another warning.

You can do a transfer with the Monzo and Wise integration, this will move your £ to $ but note this has no safety to it, you’re not protected sending this money.