Conversion rate is incorrect for IDR

(Christian) #1

Hi, I’m currently in Indonesia (btw it’s missing in the country list) and withdrew money from an ATM. The transaction worked but the shown conversation rate is incorrect. It is inflated by 100. I took out 1,200,000.00IDR which is roughly £74, the app shows 120,000,000.00IDR. I’m on Android

(Alex Sherwood) #2

The list is made from user’s posts so if you could share your feedback, in a Monzo in Indonesia post, it’ll be added :slight_smile:

As for your bug, I’m sure the Monzo team will look into that - & will hopefully reply to confirm that :soon:

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Thanks for the bug report! We’ve been having some issues with the Android currency library and looks like this might be another one :slight_smile: We’ll get it fixed!