Contactless through pocket

Was at Morrisons today and to cut a very long story short, their contactless machine managed to read my Monzo card which was in my pocket! A lot of confusion in store :slight_smile: so guys out there be careful when out shopping

How far away were you from the machine? :thinking:

Erm… yeah ok :thinking:


Was at the self scan itself but card was in the left pocket away from the card reader, so a reasonable distance I would say

Lively cash jumping out of your pocket :wink:

You must have been very close to the reader! Less than 10cm in fact.


Sorry but I do not believe this just sayin


Was it in a jacket pocket and you leant over towards the reader?

I work with contacted payments in my pub, and I’ve personally seen people try to pay by placing their wallet on the reader and being unsuccessful, seems strange that you’ve managed to do it with your card in your wallet and your wallet in your pocket :thinking:


Call me cynical but it’s possible that @yazzies might work for a company that sells RFID (aka contactless) blocking products…It’s impossible to check without knowing their full name obviously.


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Forgive me but if the only danger is I might end up paying for my own shopping, then I fail to see what the problem is.


Go past that dodgy checkout at the wrong time and you’d end up paying their bill.

But by definition if their transaction is active on the till, then they are there at the till, not me. Unless I’m really cozying up to them of course; which is an activity likely to get me in to a whole lot more trouble than accidentally paying for their skinny latté!


Just close and hide this topic mate as it’s clearly a blag


Despite the fact that no one believes this person I thought I would raise that there are people out there that have devices that can take transactions off your contactless cards. I work in Fraud and had an excellent speaker Tony Sales (was once Britains biggest fraudster) confirm this and as a result I purchased two credit card sized protectors that you put in your purse to prevent this. I guess working in fraud makes you nervous!

Although this is known what OP has mentioned is basically impossible.

Also nice to see your first post promoting RFID protectors :wink:

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If we knew for sure then I would (assuming that the rest of the team agreed of course) but that’s just my assumption at the moment.

Thanks for the warning, we are all definitely moving to being complacent in regards to wireless security. I’m going to attempt to remove my wireless

there are also devices that can read magstrip cards without having to physically contact the card stripe, but let’s get things in proportion. The scale of contactless card fraud is minimal. The main risks for cards are when you hand your card to a waiter in a restaurant and they take it away to swipe it or where you have purchased online but the data is lost by that firm due to a server breach. The reality is you are more likely to hear Chinese whispers and hearsay about contactless fraud than experience it in your lifetime


Another new account signed up specifically to post about the dangers of not having an RFID-proof wallet!

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