Contactless limit to rise to £45 from 1 April

:point_up: should be announced tomorrow.

Now they just need to scrap the SCA.


Just use mobile payments :man_shrugging:t2:


That’s if the vendor allows unlimited payments on mobile.

Tesco, looking at you :eyes:


Hopefully they will at least increase the limit promptly, even if they don’t enable CDCVM payments! It would go some way towards helping.

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At least Tesco have Pay+ it’d be nicer if they supported native payment and loyalty but it works alright

Pay at pump fuel

I have social aneixty so it’s a lifeline. (I try and avoid places without it same with self service checkouts)
They don’t even take contactless even though I only put in £20 a week.
I wear gloves to use the pinpad and the nozzle just to be safe at the moment

One way some petrol stations are doing this now is with an app (where you actually pay in-app, instead of at the pump).

I have noticed that it’s possible with Shell, Esso & BP stations.

Yes, and all stations that charge well above supermarket petrol stations round by me. Normally by around 6p a litre!

Anyone else notice that variation?

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I believe this is because supermarkets deliberately cross-subsidise petrol prices to get customers to “go for the petrol and stay for the food”, as a way to get more customers into the shop.

I wonder if an updated version of Tesco Pay+ might incorporate this at some point though. It would theoretically allow customers to complete their transactions quicker and therefore improve flow, allowing more customers to use the petrol station per day. Of course, the initial investment must be relatively costly.

Anyway, I don’t want to get in trouble for dragging the thread off topic so I’ll leave this discussion here.

I wont pay their prices, I always fill up at morrisons or asda.

I’m using alot of fuel at the moment due to 60 hour weeks. (Online food retailer is my employer)

Being reported elsewhere as well now.

Credit: I saw this Guardian article linked to from the forum

Yeah it was meant to be embargoed for press until 24th so the DailyStar was being naughty.

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It was Martin Lewis of MSE that broke the embargo.

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It’s also better fuel. Even if it comes from the same terminal, the oil companies do not usually share their additive packs with supermarkets - they just get the base fuel.


Makes no difference, it’s pure marketing ploy.
It’s the same fuel and they have to put in minimum additives by law.

I’ve never filled up at a non supermarket station apart from a few times I’ve used a small indepednent when I ran out for £10 worth.
(I’ve only had my license a year)

Be interesting to know what you’re basing that on. I happen to be in the industry. Even if legal minimums apply, the oil companies will always improve the recipes over and above that so that they can make the marketing claims such as greener, higher performance, etc. Supermarkets see fuel as a commodity and compete purely on price. Anyway, we’re off topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is excellent news, with the cost of everything going up you can’t buy much with £30 and normally always only ever go over this by a few pounds.

Due to the nature of our business (public transport) we have a fuel delivery every day.
I can guarantee you all that the fuel is bought from numerous suppliers and the only criteria (for our business) is price.


Not sure which point you’re addressing there, but I think this is probably the wrong thread anyway.