Consolidation of multiple payments in a day to one provider in summary screen

LOVE this.

Great idea and suggested implementation, although I thing the “expand” arrow would be better on the RHS of the merchant name.

One thing I would say is that I think this should only apply to consecutive transactions with the same merchant on the same day rather than all the transactions at the same merchant on the same day - the feed should show transactions in the order they were made!


I would agree with this as well. Though maybe a toggle in settings to choose

Yeah thats a fair point, didnt think of that case.

Should still be chronological in nature.

Get voting everyone :eyes:

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Agreed on the ordering

I agree, although perhaps the same day could run from 4am-4am or similar (in the same way day return train tickets do) in case you are in da club.

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Love this. It would also be great if you could create and rename custom groups. It’d be super useful for condensing:

  • Purchases for a total event (e.g. Night out)
  • All bills and utilities payments into a single line
  • Business expenses on the new Monzo business accounts (i.e. charges grouped under on job or project name)

To name a few examples that is.


I notice this especially with online grocery shopping where I may end up having multiple transactions with the same store and it takes up a lot a screen space and it basically doesn’t look great either!

For example, yesterday I had about 8 transactions for Asda including the 1p card checks, refunds and other multiple charges and refunds.

Could these be grouped into a single total which can be expanded to reveal all of the sub transactions?


I was just coming to the forum to post this idea after seeing multiple car park transactions where I’ve extended my time.

I would love to see this feature!

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I like this idea.

I would like it even more if you could include all transfers to pots hidden in the same way.

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Is there any way we can formally suggest such things to Monzo, or do we just have to hope that they happen upon this feed?

Not really. You can vote for it at the top of this thread, but, ultimately, it will come down to whether they want to devote engineering time to it, or whether they find more profit potential in other endeavours.

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