Consolidation of multiple payments in a day to one provider in summary screen

If you could group or have the all traction from one place be together it would look better in the home screen if the app and be less confusing.

You can kinda already achieve this in search.

Search doesn’t provide the total spend of its findings.

Also missing the point of the suggestion.


It’s possible it odes not on Android, but I see the total on the bottom on iOS

The point was providing a method of getting the info you want until such a time the feature is implemented in the transaction feed.

I don’t think it’s necessarily about data and more about tidiness.


Yeah tidiness is my main reason for voting on this.

Smaller condensed feed to make it easier to see all relevant info


That might be your point, but it’s not what the OP was suggesting.


LOVE this.

Great idea and suggested implementation, although I thing the “expand” arrow would be better on the RHS of the merchant name.

One thing I would say is that I think this should only apply to consecutive transactions with the same merchant on the same day rather than all the transactions at the same merchant on the same day - the feed should show transactions in the order they were made!


I would agree with this as well. Though maybe a toggle in settings to choose

Yeah thats a fair point, didnt think of that case.

Should still be chronological in nature.

Get voting everyone :eyes:

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Agreed on the ordering

I agree, although perhaps the same day could run from 4am-4am or similar (in the same way day return train tickets do) in case you are in da club.

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