Connected Accounts: what's next? 23/24 edition

I put a report request in on Saturday and the automated notice says it’s been escalated but no other response yet but then it has been a bank holiday weekend. Might be worth doing the same. I went through help, plus/premium help and eventually found an option for connected account issues. First request was closed as an un-supported account. I then sent it again with screen shots and it got escalated.

I have to say, it is frustrating that on support requests like this you can’t leave any further feedback for the person dealing with it hence having to open a duplicate request. Monzo really need to improve this situation.

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Well I tried Monzo chat support today, and got told by 3 different agents to just delete the Monzo app and reinstall. This fixed nothing. So then got told it’s John Lewis fault.

Monzo support is surprising useless.

I’ve not had a response from Monzo yet, the app still has a banner saying their looking in to it.

However, I just got a ping to renew my other 2 connected accounts (which was all just confirmed in Monzo, didn’t launch the other apps). After doing that, I tried to renew my JL Card and a gain it launch the JL app. But this time it’s worked and my JL card is now woking again in Monzo.

Not sure if any of this is a coincidence or if they’ve fixed something or not.

Ah, just had a ping in the app to say they’ve fixed the issue :+1:

Yes me too, all working now! :hugs:

@_lewis do you have an update on this please? my spending in trends is overinflated by £4.4k due to the duplicated transaction.

When we categorise transactions from connected accounts, please give us the option to categorise past/future transactions from the same vendor! The option comes up for Monzo transactions but not ones from connected accounts.


Why don’t we have the ability to add notes and categories to pending transactions on connected accounts? That bit annoys me having to remember to categorise days later and find it in shopping or something like that. Would be handy to be able to add these transactions to shared tab too.

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The only trouble with that is that when they clear they get auto-categorised so it’s not clear which ones you need to go back to to fix :slightly_frowning_face:


Sadly 3 years later we’re still in the same position