Connected Accounts: what's next? 23/24 edition


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Zopa doesn’t provide open banking access to their accounts. They have no obligation to do so for their savings accounts, although I’m not sure why they don’t provide access to their credit card. When open banking was first launched I thought it was a requirement for all providers of payment accounts to provide access via open banking (and I think credit cards are classed as payment accounts). But I guess I must be mistaken on this as Zopa isn’t the only payment account provider that still don’t provide access. Does anyone know what the rules are?


I’m not sure Coop/Smile do? (Or maybe Monzo just don’t support it?

Coop used to support open banking using something called a modified customer interface (which isn’t very useful to aggregators) but they recently added a proper API. Emma has been testing it for a few weeks, although it seems there are some issues with it.

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Hope for Monzo support then.

Already renewed the connection a few days ago, wow :rofl:

Not sure if this is the right thread but there seem to be word a free connection issues with external accounts at the moment.

My John Lewis credit card hasn’t updated since last week now but isn’t reporting a connection error when I refresh it. However if I try to re-add it, the list of available banks in the add account screen is showing connection issues for John Lewis and many other providers.

Please can someone from Monzo clear up if this is an issue with the other banks or on the Monzo side and if/when it might be addressed? Thanks.

As they’re all labs ones - I’d treat them as “potentially not going to work all the time” - hence why they’re in labs! :slight_smile:

Hey :wave:

Sorry about the hassle. We noticed a high error rate for NewDay providers (Amazon, Aqua, Bip, John Lewis, etc.) and decided to switch them off to prevent customer running errors that we knew would happen. We also reached out to NewDay to check why we were seeing so many errors.

They let us know that they’d made change that resulted in all of our connections with them becoming invalid. This isn’t ideal, but from time to time providers will make these sorts of changes and sadly there very little we can do about it.

Once we understood what had happened we re-enabled NewDay providers, knowing that customer would need to reconnect their accounts.

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience, and have given feedback to NewDay about this.


For those who’d like a little more technical detail:
We saw a high rate of 403s coming from NewDay’s APIs. This was due to a change NewDay made with how they issue access tokens, which mean’t any existing access tokens or refresh tokens were invalidated. They told us about the change, but not about the impact which is why this caught us off guard.


Hi Lewis, thanks for the detailed update. Indeed, my JL card started updating again this afterrnoon :+1:

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How do I disconnect an account once I’ve connected it? I don’t have my Chase account anymore yet the app keeps reminding me to re-connect, so I’d like to stop this.

Also the app only shows 4 connected accounts. Just with Wise I’ve got 9 accounts, and it only shows the default ones at the top. You need someway to be able to show all connected accounts.

Tap into the account either from the top pinned accounts or from the account section down the home screen, then tap details, and remove account.

Might remove all accounts from the same bank if you do, for example, one of your 9 Wise accounts.

@_lewis any idea what is happening here ?

Duplicated Transaction

I have a duplicate transaction showing on my connected Barclaycard account and speaking to support isn’t getting me anywhere.

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Hey :wave: Sorry about the hassle, I’ve checked and can see that both those transactions are being returned to us by Barclaycard. I’ve opened a support ticket with them to let them know about the issue. We’ll reach out once we hear back from them :+1:


I’m still getting an error with John Lewis when I return back to the Monzo app - any suggestions?

Thanks @_lewis . Don’t know if it’s relevant but I have connections for a Barclays account and a separate one for barclaycard… all my other tree transactions are okay. Just this one which skews my figures considerably…

Let me know if there is any additional info you need.

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My JL started working yesterday but now says access has expired and after confirming access again in the JL app, Monzo then gives me ann error.

It is frustrating that when access expires, all the transactions disappear which as mentioned in another thread, mucks up all your trends data.

Please can imported transactions stay regardless of connection status, or at least ask if you want them deleted or kept.


Hi Lewis, are you able to confirm if there are still issues with NewDay in general or John Lewis? My JL card link started working again on Monday but then on Tuesday it asked me to renew access and when I do this, it launches the JL app where I confirm access but when transferring back to Monzo I just get the “we’ve hit a problem” page.



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This is what I’ve been getting for over 2 weeks now.