Connected Accounts Transaction Order

Can’t recall reading about this unless I’ve just skim read posts in the past. Is it normal for transactions to be in reverse order :thinking:

I’ve checked the actual MBNA app and they show in chronological order from latest date

Not normal. My MBNA Credit Card details in the Monzo app (Premium) shows transactions in chronological order as you’d expect.

Uninstall/reboot/reinstall/login dance :bananadance: to try?

EDIT: Maybe bank holiday dates upset the (connected accounts) feed?

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I suspect the top two are pending…


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Not pending just double checked, done the uninstall and reinstall no difference.

I’ll take the bank holiday answer as the solution :rofl: didn’t think it looked right just wanted to check in and see if anyone else had the same. Not the end of the world it just threw her for a few seconds looking at it.

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