Connected Accounts - Starling Bank Connection No Longer Loading Transactions


For the record…

Starling bank connection has not loaded transactions since 20th September. I have pending and settled transactions that are not being loaded in Monzo despite re-installing the app. Support say that they are working hard to resolve the issue, but I have not seen anyone else complain about this.

Errors include: -

“Something went wrong - we’re still loading your transactions. check back shortly.” when opening the starling card/feed


“Sorry about this - Something’s gone wrong, but we’re not sure what. Please try again in a few minutes” when clicking the refresh button…

Details to reproduce:

View Starling external account, press refresh button, no new transactions are loaded.


Android 13


OP9 Pro

App Version:


Anyone else seeing this? it started yesterday (23rd September) and is still occurring… Kinda messes my spending trends and targets up…

@AlanDoe can this be merged with App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣 - #2119 by glenmcfar

This has nothing to do with the new overview screen… the issue is that refreshing starling from the card carousel no longer works …

Apologies, assuming you don’t have the connected account set up on the home page? Which is where others seen update issues happening within the app.

No problems… I only created a post to see if others have the same issue … I’ve not had an update from support and it’s not being discussed here… feels so lonely :sob:


I think the change to connected accounts to enable in the unified feed etc has caused an issue. Not reported this elsewhere but my accounts always seem to say ‘refreshed now’ when I open the app, but I don’t think this is actually true (unless that’s also changed).

I only have Halifax and Virgin and both are showing new transactions. I have reported in another thread my issues with Virgin updating, but then the transactions magically appeared later

yeah, I noticed earlier that all my connected accounts were being refreshed whenever I launch the app. I’m all for having them auto-update so that I can be sure I’m looking at the current position across all my accounts. In my case they are all up to update apart from Starling which was last updated 10 hours ago when I refreshed the connection… and although it refreshed it didn’t load the missing transactions…

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No issues here, apart from the dancing trasactions on the “all” feed. Everything seems to be updating itself within seconds of the transactions being made, even for linked accounts.

Does that include Starling @JimBee ? as all mine external accounts are okay apart from Starling…

Unfortunately, the last transaction on my Starling account was almost 2 months ago, it very rarely sees any use. So I can neither confirm nor refute your issue :frowning:

Out of interest does Starling say “updated a moment ago” ? as mins remains “10 hours ago” ?

It was saying Refreshed 34 minutes ago, but when I reloaded the app, it now says

No manual efforts to refresh it, just exiting and re-opening Monzo

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I had pending transaction shown for a few days on Monzo app. It froze for a week, since mid September :sweat_smile:
Recovered just 3 days ago :smile:

Just checked again.
Starling GBP account transactions are not shown (through Monzo app), froze on 2 days old records :confused:

Euro account is shown up to date :grin:

That makes me feel much happier, welcome to the club! :grin:

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This looks to have been fixed now! I woke at 04:50 and tested it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Main is not fixed on this (second) occasion :unamused:
Still all frozen :expressionless:

I reported it to support who said they were working on it… and sure enough it was fixed a day later…

I did re-install the app and re-connect to Starling although I doubt that made any difference…

I wonder if it’s a global issue or only selected a accounts?

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I did clear Monzo app catch. Reinstalled app. Same problem persists :expressionless:

Good to know they’re working on it :blush:

it’s fixed for me though… so can’t see why it wouldn’t be fixed for everyone… :expressionless: