Confused about my phones screen

Got a galaxy a21s and I asked Samsung what type of screen it has and got a confusing reply.

They said …

Galaxy A21s has a 6.5" PLS TFT LCD Infinity O display

Then I asked if its AMOLED and they replied…

smartphone has a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen

Surely its one or the other ?

I think this could have been asked on your other related thread about this phone.

You can find the specs here:

Specifically, your phone has a
166.3mm (6.5" full rectangle) / 164.0mm (6.5" rounded corners) screen, with a resolution of 720 x 1600 (HD+), using PLS TFT LCD technology, with a colour depth of 16M

Or in Samsung’s marketing speak, it is An incredible 6.5" Infinity-O Display. It is not AMOLED, that’s only on the higher end galaxy phones.

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Thanks. Everywhere I look it has different specs .

Not sure why samsung told me it is amoled then

Probably just a front line support agent misunderstanding, or copying the wrong info. When in doubt, trust the specs listed on their actual product page from the manufacturer. That’s where they’ll be accurate.


When you asked this on Reddit they said it’s because there’s two versions. You have the European version with NFC.


Ok so the European version doesn’t have Amoled screens ?

I’m not talking about NFC I’m talking about the screen spec

I have no idea. But if there’s two versions and they have spec differences, I wouldn’t rule it out.

Fair enough!

According to one site it’s an infinity oled. Same as n26 said. Here is a list of all which have Infinity oled

Taken from here…

I don’t believe the O stands for OLED. I’m cynical so wouldn’t be surprised if they use O in the marketing to intentionally mislead customers into believing that it’s an OLED.

It’s not uncommon for me to come across Samsung device owners that believe their device have features it does not. It’s no accident that Samsung has a confusing line up, and why many owners of low end devices end up believing they’ve blagged themselves a bargain for a phone that’s much better than a more expensive iPhone, when that’s rarely the case.

It’s quite predatory towards those who are computer illiterate so I’m not fond of them in general. It’s also why I point blank refuse to offer any tech related support to my Android owning friends and family; because when I tell them they don’t have the phone they think they purchased, or their phone doesn’t have the feature from the more expensive one, they’re suddenly an expert and in Jon Snow. :roll_eyes:

The worst is when someone downgraded, believing they were upgrading and couldn’t understand why they couldn’t get WhatsApp anymore. I give up on those people. They would be infinitely better off just buying an iPhone and looking after it so they don’t need to downgrade upgrade every 6 months.


From the company that brought you QLED.

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I’ve owned many iPhones in the past and definitely prefer my samsung. It’s all down to personal preference in my opinion

Take the battery for example, at the end of one day with moderate usage it’s still at 83%
( 5,000 mAh )

No phone I’ve ever owned is that Impressive

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To some extent, yes I agree with you. But when you know people that are constantly having issues, changing phone as a result, sticking with the same OS and manufacturer, having no idea what they’re doing and find themselves confused, iOS would be an undeniable better place for them. They may not prefer or like iOS, but it’ll be a heck of a lot easier for them.

Likewise you will find people who feel restricted on iOS, yet prefer it to Android. Android will be the better platform for them, even though it’s not necessarily the one they would prefer.

Determining which system is better for an individual, based on their technical literacy, and needs is more an objective process than a subjective one, i think.


I think the O in Infinity O is to do with the camera cutout