Conflicts of Interest

Something that concerns me a little is that many of the posters here have a financial interest in the success of Monzo. Given that this is a regulated firm does this not create a conflict of interest, and perhaps breach the financial promotions rules? Are there not also insider issues?



And no to the second and third points as well


And the next point that’s coming…


I am pleased to hear that the Community sees no issues here. Personally I would have thought that the Monzo compliance team might have some issues under the FCA rules, MiFID II, and various other legal requirements.

I think you misunderstand FCA rules, MiFID II and other legal requirements.

Insider trading is when a shareholder gains an advantage by knowing information the rest of the shareholders do not. They then act on that information. No one on the forums, aside from Monzo employees, know anything more than any other shareholders.

Financial promotion can only be breached by an authorised person at Monzo. Not shareholders with no employee relationship with Monzo.

Conflict of interest is, again, only something that can really be done by employees and in your context, Monzo are allowed to advertise and promote. Most non-employee forum members who are shareholder have an icon declaring they are shareholders too. Another user has declared their relationship with senior Monzo employee. We are a pretty open forum.

If you know specific breaches, by all means show it here and we can look.


Shareholders with inside information?
Market manipulation?

Which shareholder has insider information other shareholders do not?
Who is manipulating the market?

Monzo employees will have signed financial conduct clauses within their contracts. You should really contact if you have evidence that an employee has breached this. The FCA or even the police if you feel the others.


Yes, the FCA will be the best place to start.

With all due respect, I would suggest in this case


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Well I can’t see this particular topic going anywhere useful :neutral_face:


Definitely not.

Nope (but for a different reason), only 16% of people who wanted to invest got a chance to (in the 2nd round). Just because you get replies from investors doesn’t make them the majority.

Also, forum investors don’t have easy access to sell on demand, so manipulation is a moot point.

Do let us know how you get on. Maybe they’ll be more interested to hear how you can’t get an overdraft.


All threats and implications: I’m with you. Guess we’ll find out soon enough if there has been “insider trading” going on lol.

Conflict of interest though jeez…

I’m not sure how having a financial interest in the success of a company creates a conflict of interest. Most banks offer their staff shares through share awards, saving schemes or in place of bonuses. This doesn’t create a conflict of interest, it creates employees that are invested in the success of the company.

To have a conflict of interest in the way suggested you’d have to be using your confliction to make decisions that were in your interest and but not the interest of the general customer. Posters here don’t make decisions and can only feed into those decisions but have no actual influence on what happens.

Insider trading requires knowledge that others don’t have yet and acting on it, like knowing a company is failing and selling all your shares before the other shareholders know about it. Once all shareholders know about it, it’s fair game

I’m not sure where evidence of all of this is. But if you have some the forum is not the place to discuss it.

Many “investors” will be like me where I threw £10 into the company, not for any financial reward but just to be part of something.