Confirmation of Payee

Nice to see them creating a new thread for things like this :upside_down_face:

This community isn’t what it was


Personally think that should be part of the checklist when Monzo write another blog…

Should this article have an accompanying thread… answer usually is yes :man_shrugging:


Great. Thanks @HoldenCarver - that makes a lot of sense :+1:

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It seems that other banks have more privacy controls here e.g. BoS don’t display the name unless there is a close match whereas Monzo’s example the two names don’t match at all and the recipients name is shown… This article has more details…


Reading that article, it seems odd that Metro Bank say they have “no plans” to implement CoP despite signing up to the APP code.

For this to work properly, i.e. materially reduce fraud, it must have as many banks as possible (preferably all) signed up.

As @RichardL points out, it will at least be useful for checking you have the account details of a legitimate transfer inputted properly, which is good!

Banks will have to try to educate customers to be absolutely sure that the details are correct if there is no match, but the ability to opt out is an obvious loophole for fraudsters. Maybe it would have been better to simply not allow an opt out, or at least make it difficult to opt out (like you would actually have to be a politically exposed person or something, I believe that currently anyone can opt out?)


Well I disagree, but that is just my personal viewpoint

More interesting is the actual facts on the ground

Went to pay my window cleaner who has a Starling business account with the existing details for the first time since the introduction - no name shown for a mismatch:

Maybe the functionality is not fully deployed. Maybe Starling don’t send back the name. I know not

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That was with a totally different name, in this case the name of the business rather than his name

If I put in almost exactly, but not quite, his name e.g. one letter missing from his first name then it shows the actual name expected

Drop two letters from the first name and it goes back to the position above of nothing shown for the name expected

Drop one letter from each of the first and last names shows the actual expected name

So in practice it may be working a bit more like hoped for by some than suggested at by the blog


Can we turn this off?

I had the name field set to something I prefer to call the account to differenciate between a couple of similar accounts. Now I don’t mind being warned once that the name doesn’t match but what’s happening is:-

Each time I select that payee to make a payment (not just the first time):

  1. I have to select the account type (Business or personal) - Why isn’t this remembered?
  2. I have to confirm I’m not being scammed since the names don’t match - again, couldn’t this be remembered if I’ve made a payment before to that payee with those details?
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Ok, so I thought maybe the schema had changed and re-creating the payee completely would fix it…

Now I have to re-enter all the bank details each time I make a payment since the payee isn’t getting stored after sending a payment.

i don’t use always the account name EG window cleaner instead of the persons name, and i do not have the problems you are, it stores and keeps detailes.

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This was confirmed in another thread as a bug which is being fixed

Indeed. A pretty big bug - I’m surprised it made it this far. Hopefully will be fixed in the next update.

It’s been a while now, surely that should be pretty high up on the list to fix

This behaviour has been confirmed as a bug, and that it will be fixed. It might be that the Coronavirus situation is making it take longer to fix the bug than it would under normal circumstances, unfortunately. But certainly, the intended behaviour is that the app should remember these things when you’ve paid someone before.

I’m not asked to do these things when I make repeat payments.

I pick payee, enter amount, optionally change the reference, enter PIN to authorise, and job done. I am testing this on payments to my own accounts at other banks though, in case that makes a difference.

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It’s only on Android

Are you iOS?

I’m on Android and everything works as @o99 outlined. Although I’m not convinced that confirmation of payee has been rolled out to me yet.

Yes, I’m on iOS

I guess it makes sense they do a phased release, I guess to spot issues like this

It seems only to affect those on android who have had it rolled out to them

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