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You are preaproved… Good bit of quality control there.

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Interesting development

I dunno, I think it’s going to be difficult over there as you don’t really have a choice as it were where you bank… well you do but most people just go with the bank your company bank with as it’s easier due to Visa and salary certificates etc. In my case I’m with Emirates NBD as that is who my company bank with.

Slightly off the current line of topic but I noticed Santander have a new app on the iOS store called Flite. Worth a look, doesn’t really do anything their current app(s) don’t already do though…

Quite impressed with starling so far. Their app may be missing some of the functionality that Monzo has but it’s still pretty good. Very quick responses from their support also, but guess their user base is small still


Monese are introducing Direct Debits

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Has anyone else received this from Tandem?? Got this the other day

Then this follow up:


Today Tandem Bank are officially changing their registered name from Tandem Bank Ltd to Tandem Money Ltd.

This is an obligatory change after they relinquished their ability to offer savings accounts, but they will continue to trade simply as Tandem.

The company retains the registered TradeMark and domains to return to Tandem Bank at a future point in time.


Breaking news: Monese are going to replace their Visa debit card with a MasterCard debit card


Transferwise to offer cross border bank accounts…

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blasted paywall… grrr

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Here’s Business Insider’s coverage of the same story.

It notes that for now, this service will be offered to businesses but -

TransferWise plans to launch its “borderless account” to consumers later this year and will also launch a debit card.

Many in the industry will likely see the debit card launch as a response to Revolut

thanks @alexs, competition is hotting up.

You can see FT article by Googling the headline in Incognito Mode

@DonPedro @tommy5dollar if you could please resist the temptation to have the same conversation each time a story’s posted from a source with a paywall, it’ll make it easier for users to find the news / discussion in this topic :raised_hands:

I do appreciate the fact that you were trying to be helpful Tommy :slight_smile:


i dont understand how me stating that an article is behind a paywall is gonna stop people from finding the news?

It’s adding noise without adding value (people either know the FT or will see the paywall when they click through) & it makes it harder for people scrolling through the feed to find the useful content & discussion.

It’s also annoying for me & I presume, anyone else who follows these topics to get a notification about a post that doesn’t add to the discussion.

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Got a letter from Travelex saying they’re closing their Supercard on 24th July:

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Could potentially be worth getting a travel ‘platinum’ card from them and loading using foreign currency as a backup card?