Community Workshops

Hey Everyone :wave:

We want to start hanging out with you a lot more – so we’re working on some new ways to discuss your thoughts and feedback in person.

The first thing we’ll be starting is themed workshops at our offices. Appropriately so, our first one will be on the topic of Offline Experiences.

Date & Time: 28th Feb at 4.30pm.

We’re asking everyone to register their interest via this form. There’s a limit to how many we can invite so we want to give everyone a fair chance. You need to register by the 12th of Feb, and the next day, we’ll select around 8 Monzonauts at random. We plan to do this on a bi-monthly basis, so if you’re not selected this time, there will be other opportunities to come along. Then there’s also our Open Offices! :blush:

For all of you outside London: we know how inconvenient this is, @Naji and I will be working on other ways to connect with all of you!

If you have ideas for what other themes we should do for a workshop, please comment below!


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