Community Help Category has 'Solution' enabled ✅


So I came across these today and saw a post made as a solution :white_check_mark:


I think it’s a good idea but can someone from Monzo or Leaders explain how this will work and who can mark something as Solution. I just checked and I couldn’t find this enabled for me to mark anything solved.

Feel free to share what you think about this and who should control/approve :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Well spotted :slight_smile: users who’ve created a topic in the #help category can use this feature to mark topics as solved. The team can also select solutions. Other users (including Leaders) can’t..


Thanks for testing :white_check_mark::smiley:

Change the catogery to mark your answer as solution :slight_smile:

(Richard Cook) #4

Pretty neat, huh?

For now, I don’t think we need to turn this on anywhere other than Help. Maybe in Ideas, but probably not.