Committed Spending/Bills Pot

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Thanks @andy,
I had a quick scan and couldn’t see anything so thought I’d post!

Great, look forward to it! :slight_smile:

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Fingers crossed. That would be groundbreaking feature IMHO :raised_hands:


The latest I’ve seen around this is

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It would be good to have a pot for bills that I would automatically pay into each pay and then the direct debits would be paid with the money in the pot rather than me having to move the money out of the pots at the appropriate times.

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I don’t think this is already a feature but it’d be great if income could immediately go into a pot and direct debits would actually come out of this pot too?

For context, I use 2 bank accounts - One bank is used for both income and direct debits, I then send money to Monzo for general spending.

I’d like to be able to make the switch to just Monzo for everything but I need to make sure I have a clear divide between my spending money and my other money. Is this possible? Could it be considered? Or does anyone else have any suggestions on how to do something similar?


Hi @arlyd88 as you’ll see above this is something Monzo is working on so hopefully see it in the next few months.

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I still don’t get the spending pot. Like, I obviously do know what’s for. But I can’t manage it well. It’s always knocking every-time I put something there. It never lasts! haha!

but good to know more on how best use it!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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Sorry if this has been requested before…

Would it be possible to pay for a transaction direct from a pot?

eg. I have a pot called ‘Groceries’

So if i pay for goods at Tesco or Sainsburys, I could select the transaction from the feed and choose for all future transactions from this vendor to come from Groceries pot…

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It has been suggested many times.

Click the magnifying glass in the top right corner and have a search. Alternatively here is the pots feedback topic where you can read and discuss everything about pots.

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Certainly is an exciting feature. It’s already live (with some bugs I believe) in a staff build, as found out by @nexusmaniac :+1:

So hopefully won’t be too long before it’s released to everyone :grinning:

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I was thinking if there was a “pay bill” pot that you could set up then set all your DD’s, standing orders, and reacurring payments to come out off, and set up a pay in amount so that you know your bills are covered, and what is left in your main account is spendable. For example you have £1000 bills each month (rent, gas, tv, etc) and you had £1500 income paid on the last day of the month then monzo would schedule a £1000 payment from your wages to go into the “pay bills” pot leaving £500 spending for the month. taking the concept of the locked pots, you would have the option to lock the pot so that you would have to go through CS to remove money from it. You could also set a “draw from” function if the bills were higher than expected then it would either draw from another specified pot or the main account To cover the bills.
This would be a great idea for me as it would mean I could have all my bills and money for them put aside in a pot and use my card without having to think, do I have enough to cover the bills.

Hope this helps


Is that not the point of the budget screen? If you could have Direct Debits from a pot, it would be a second current account. Also if you had a unexpected bill which is larger (i.e. gas direct debit) it could cause it to bounce so gets a very confusing.

What you are suggesting is simply having two current accounts

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You can do this with pots and IFTTT. Give it a whirl.

Download the IFTTT app, connect the accounts and find the applet.

I’m almost certain this one is already set up for you.

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Keep your eyes peeled over the next few months. There may very well be something in the works :eyes:

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Crowdfunding Investor


Hi guys, here my view on the direct debit from pots thingy,

The reason I’m not full monzo yet is in fact the same as the reason I started to use monzo, so I could budget, I use to move just my spending money to monzo and leave my DD and SO money in my 'normal bank’s, I’d love to move fully to monzo but that would leave me back in the position I was in prior to joining monzo, or all my money would be in the same place, so while I appreciate that the ifttt might be an option I don’t feel it is the correct solution for me,

So my brain storming session came up with the following which may well be worth it weight in gold or similarly in cow poo, there may be reasons why it would work and reasons why it wouldn’t, but if I don’t share we’ll never know.

My knowledge of banking may be limited but I use to believe that the sort code related to the particular branch at which you account was located, or mine was 09-01-26, which is sandander in Dumfries and may account number was 12345678. Then a year or so later I needed a second account and went to the branch only to be told they had now moved up to 09-01-27 and again a year or so later I needed yet another account and it would have sort code 09-01-28 both these new account had unique account numbers. So moving on to monzo and the specific pots for Dd’s and SO’s, would it be crazy for you the account pots to have separate sirtcides but all be linked to the same account number,

So main account being sort code 04-00-04 account 12345678

Pot number 1 could be used for DD’s and have sort code 04-01-04 and account number 12345678

Pot number 2 could be used for SO’s and have sort code 04-02-04 and account number 12345678.

Pot number 3 could be blah blah blah, I think you can see where I’m going with this, then when you have to set up a DD or SO you simply give them the relevant sort code and account number.

All this I would like to think keep everything tidy in the app and the account details, I guess it would simply be down to the banking legalityand ability to enable such manoverability to the accounts.

Like I say, this maybe a terrible idea but I think it may solve the problem if budgeting and allowing DD and SO to come from designated pots without worrying about the ifttt thing.


Monzo have shared various proof of concepts around this idea where you’ll have a separate pot where money is held for repeating payments, it probably won’t have its own account number and there isn’t a need to but it should allow users to automatically have all their repeating payment money held in a separate pot and the payments taken direct from there

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I’m vaguely aware that’s certain parts of this may have been floated - but I think being able to automatically move all bills and direct Debits into a pot on payday - and have the money withdrawn from this pot directly - would be useful in that it would leave an accurate remaining spending figure in the main account.

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Hey Tom / Thomas :smiley:

This idea has not only been discussed but implemented, albeit internally, by Monzo :smiley:
Sadly we won’t see a release to the masses just yet but I think it’ll be something Monzo work on and eventually release :sunglasses: You can read more about it here:

Pots, Rules, Direct Debits priority
Pots, Rules, Direct Debits priority
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Out of interest, have any staff members said how the committed spending pot works with variable direct debits and the potential scenario where there’s not quite enough money in the pot to cover them?

One account a person - is too restrictive