Coming soon: a trio of industry-first security tools to help stop fraudsters in their tracks 🔜

Wdym? Monzo has also had location based security as in I opt in via the app and presumably they compare it when I make a transaction, didn’t know Revolut had it though

Admittedly it’s never declined even when the payment terminal was registered in a different country

Just physical card not Apple Pay, you can’t technically be somewhere else with Apple Pay unless your device has been stolen.

Used to get a decline and in app would say cuz location.

Purchasing a ticket on a train handheld device.


Hi all, really liking these features, I hope they have been tested with accessibility in mind? Myself, I am totally blind and use voiceover on an Iphone to read the screen, and talkback on a google pixel, so I hope these have all been tried and tested with a screen reader? :slight_smile:


I don’t see any reason why Google’s screen reader software wouldn’t be able to read these screens in the Monzo app, especially if it works with the app already. This stuff is usually handled quite well on mobiles, so you should be good.

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That’ll be why it never “worked”, I very rarely use the physical card


I think this would defeat the object of the security if its possible to send it out to just anyone!

the thief would have to be AT your home location in order to carry out the transaction - the point of this is that it will only work for you at home or at work - it doesn’t matter who knows where you live - if they’re not actually physically there to undertake the transaction it won’t work - I think you are over thinking it

I like the look of these features :+1:

Although I’ve been using Monzo for my main current account and short term savings for several years, I’ve avoiding using it (or any financial app I install on my phone) to hold larger sums of money (long term savings/investments). I’ve been concerned about the possibility of loss of this money via phone theft or mugging. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of other people have similar concerns. These new security features may well be enough for me to consider using Monzo with larger savings and investments.