Comeback Kid

(Philip Parkin) #1

I cancelled my account a couple of weeks ago because I was worried that if I kicked the bucket my wife being non savvy, not for the want of trying,would be utterly lost here.
But I did miss it, so I have rejoined and I must give the Monzo team 100% satisfaction for their efforts to get me on board again.To cut a long story short when I downloaded the app again it showed all my previous history, but as the account had been closed I could not use it so I had to sign up with a new email address. Got as far as the final registration screen and it told me my phone number was already registered.But with some marvellous help and a few guiding emails I am finally back.Have just gone through the process of setting up a Power of Attorney for both of us so when I am incapable my sons will take the helm.Thank you once again team great service.
Kind Regards.