Collected thoughts on card design

On their website it says 500k investable assets

Is this too many?


Never too many :joy::heart_eyes:

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Don’t think that’s true. Their private bank’s official limit is only at 5mm and they are usually quite lax.

Barclays has arguably the most nonsense setup in their wealth/pb business of any bulge bracket banks and should honestly just start afresh or exit altogether.

I would like to think I know owning the card!


How come you didn’t go for the private bank, also what kind of benefits do you get with that card? Personal account manager etc?

Good on you anyways

They all just fit on my desk.


  1. Minimum Asset Requirements: Clients typically need to have a substantial amount of investable assets. This threshold can vary but often starts at around £500,000 to £1,000,000 or more.
  2. Income Requirements: A high annual income is usually necessary, though the specific amount can vary.
  3. Creditworthiness: A strong credit history is essential. Barclays will review your credit score and financial history.

Did you have to just order the card once this part of the app was available to you?

I have the card too, and get my account with £500k of investable assets.

Says the same on their website too:

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Gonna say 4m is a very random number :joy: maybe 5m but not 4 lol

Does anyone have a Sainsbury’s Credit Card?

Is it embossed or is it printed onto the card like Natwest?

From last year:

What a downgrade


Oh well. I guess it’ll be a NatWest one this time next year.

I always liked the retro 70s look of the Sainsbury’s Bank credit cards :slight_smile:

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I guess my Monzo Plus card is dead as a do do forever as I cancelled right? They sent me an Orange one :frowning:

Depends what card is showing as active?

Current stack since Nationwide decided they still liked me:


Why HyperJar?