Collected thoughts on card design

since he has USA HSBC cards, probably by opening it via his US details

Well… it took the best part of a week to get the HSBC US card added to Apple Pay.

CS kept telling me to wait another day and try again. Then I finally spoke to someone who know what they were talking about and they said that I need to change my iPhone region to US, add the card to Apple Pay and then change it back to the UK…

This worked, but it had the side effect of adding Apple Pay Cash to my Wallet app. It won’t go away.

Oh ok. Do you travel to the US alot to get that card then is it like the Expat program?

I do. Although I don’t think it’s actually a requirement to open an account with them. If you meet Premier eligibility in one country, you are able to open accounts elsewhere using their online process.

Anyway, probably one for the HSBC thread.

Has anyone with a Barclays account requested a replacement card?

I did, not arrived yet.

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Has it appeared in the app? Can you add it to Apple Pay yet?

Just shows old design in the app. I only have a basic account, doesn’t work with Apple Pay but does Google pay :melting_face:

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Do we know if the Barclays Premier is being updated?

As much as I, personally, love the UK Premier cards (and they look better in reality) those US lion cards are something else. Love them.

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Just out of curiosity when you upgrade to premier do they offer you an upgrade on the rewards credit card?

You can upgrade, but it’ll cost you a hard search as though applying for a new product HSBC love to root through my credit files at any given opportunity. Unless you’re in the habit of frequently buying white goods and want an extended warranty it’s not worth it in my opinion. The world elite card looks much nicer to me.


When I upgraded from HSBC Standard to HSBC Premier I didn’t get a Hard Search…

How strange. Maybe they don’t like the cut of my jib. I’ve had more from them in the last couple of years than from any other bank.

I didn’t get a hard search for my HSBC upgrade either.

Tempted to open a HSBC US account. Both their debit and credit cards look better than the UK ones.

I was really tempted into opening a HK account for the really cool card though I don’t know how I would justify to myself having a random hk account for a card. Also, what reason I would tell HSBC lol

Have a Saving account in HK dollar, maybe ?

Yeah I’m doing it for sure.

Okay, so it’s totally free and instant providing you’re a UK citizen and have a passport.

Apply for HSBC One and setup internet banking in the app there and then.

Once logged in, apply for a Debit Mastercard via the drop down “Products and Services”


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Are you saying that anyone can apply for this, or are there other requirements?

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